Shrinking eyes…….

Shrinking eyes of a farmer who is waiting for Monsoon...........


This Nazm is dedicated to all those childhood friends, who were really appreciable and with Golden hearts 💖.

ऐ मेरे रफ़ीक़, मेरे दोस्त, मेरे हमदम तेरा मुझसे यूं दूर चले जाना है मानों ज़िन्दगी है एक घने अँधेरे बयांबाँ की तरह मानों एक लम्बी रहगुज़र है और मैं चला जा रहा हूँ बस कहीं अनजान की तरह मानों एक ख़रीद वो फ़रोख़्त की दूकान है और मैं पड़ा हूँ धुल में लिपटे हुए … Continue reading This Nazm is dedicated to all those childhood friends, who were really appreciable and with Golden hearts 💖.

Negatively Positive

In the journey of life we all have experienced some special types of person, sometime through our own experiences, sometime through others and sometime through new papers, TV channels and different social Media. Here the categories are… Cheaters: Some people exist in this world with some intricate thoughts, who have the capability to cheat people … Continue reading Negatively Positive

Travelling – What Everyone Dreams Of

Continuing with the theme of the week, I am here to tell you about the best things related to traveling, but before I do, ask yourself , "Do you really need someone else to tell you that?" "Do you really need to be told about why one should travel?" I guess you all know the … Continue reading Travelling – What Everyone Dreams Of

Photography-The Captured moments……

 Happy Friday friends, today lets talk  about the best parts of photography.  Here we will talk about,  how photography belongs to life.                 According to me photography is  best equipped to bore into the spirit of today. Photography is that which shows the emotions and feelings behind the lens.  … Continue reading Photography-The Captured moments……

Internet of Things

  Internet of Things is what the future of internet beholds.  In the future just imagine that you have to get up at 5 AM and your mobile after ringing in the alarm at the same time instructs your coffee brewer to brew coffee for you. Also imagine your fridge in the future texting you … Continue reading Internet of Things

Is Love keeping things traditional?sometimes

Good afternoon readers, today we will talk about building up of relations like marriage. A good marriage is not just about marrying the right person. It is about being the right person.   Love is a flower which turns into fruit at marriage. It is a faith that made me believe in "forever ". It … Continue reading Is Love keeping things traditional?sometimes