KITE     [DAY 11 #AtoZChallenge]

They  were restricted to share lives. From stores to milieu, from schools to playgrounds and their gods, everything was separate and  prevented from the toxication of other's presence. The kite did not understand the separation of religions. It has no duff norms to follow. It flew over every roof ,  from every spool and in … Continue reading KITE     [DAY 11 #AtoZChallenge]

Jingles   [ Day 10 #AtoZChallenge]

Jingles were his favourite. He liked them more than any other melody or music. The Happy Birthday jingle was the best tune he has ever heard. But while living down the footpaths and struggling for survival, there  was no one to sing it for him. No sign of parents and No sign of Birth date. … Continue reading Jingles   [ Day 10 #AtoZChallenge]

IDIOMS  [DAY 9 #AtoZChallenge]

Ever since she reached the mid school, Idioms excited her. Say a word and an Idiom would pop out.  The love for poems, prose and classics grew fonder each day. Only literature flew in her body. Fifteen years later, say a word and a medical term would pop out. Social aspirations took over dreams. The … Continue reading IDIOMS  [DAY 9 #AtoZChallenge]

GO GAGA !!      [Day 7 #AtoZChallenge]

Rains are the best  They bring love, joy and zest Washing away the dirt They cuddle romance and flirt The fragrance of soil And bright, blooming flowers The softness of wind And nature filled with fervor Are calling my heart To go gaga in the shower !! Hey friends ! I have taken up the … Continue reading GO GAGA !!      [Day 7 #AtoZChallenge]

Finding Fairies  [Day 6 #AtoZChallenge]

"Fairies are always around " said the mother. "They just showup when they find somebody full of gratitide, kindness and charity. So always do good to others and a fairy will come to your sight." she continued. While in her mind she resumed how this fantasy of finding fairies, taught similarly by her mother, showed … Continue reading Finding Fairies  [Day 6 #AtoZChallenge]

ESCAPE (Haiku)     [DAY 5 #AtoZChallenge]

Beats humm their romance Her heart turned mellifluous No escape from love ! Hey friends ! I have taken up the April A to Z challenge and will be enthusiastically posting throughout this April with new concepts each day. Your feedback is most awaited !! Do drop your views and let me know your opinions. … Continue reading ESCAPE (Haiku)     [DAY 5 #AtoZChallenge]

DISTANCES    DAY 4 #AtoZChallenge

     DISTANCES She danced with the raindrops, played with butterflies, teased the morning dews and embraced the sunshine. The wind aided communication and starts never let memories flee her mind. The tinkle of her eyes and the sparkles of her smiles narrated a story of love seperated by seven miles. True it is that … Continue reading DISTANCES    DAY 4 #AtoZChallenge