Is Love keeping things traditional?sometimes

Good afternoon readers, today we will talk about building up of relations like marriage. A good marriage is not just about marrying the right person. It is about being the right person.   Love is a flower which turns into fruit at marriage. It is a faith that made me believe in "forever ". It … Continue reading Is Love keeping things traditional?sometimes


Love Is Always One Of Its Kind !

Some love stories are a result of long fantasies and some other are sudden sweet accidents. 🙂 🙂   No matter How it happened, It is always one of its kind.  Love is a feeling of butterflies - Both inside and outside. I am one of them, who are still to meet their perfect love and … Continue reading Love Is Always One Of Its Kind !

यौम -ए- आज़ादी    Happy Independence Day

वतन परस्ती सिखा देती है जशने आज़ादी क़दीम किस्से याद दिला देती है जशने आज़ादी हमारे बाबा ओ अजदाद कि वो क़ुरबानियाँ वो मिटटी में दफ़न अन्गिनत कहानियाँ हर पुराने ज़ख़्म ताज़ा करा देती है जशने आज़ादी सब्र , ख़लूस , मुहब्बत , सारे अवराक़ पढ़ा देती है जशने आज़ादी ये ख़ालिस परचम ए तिरंगा … Continue reading यौम -ए- आज़ादी    Happy Independence Day

The Secret To Our Dreams !

Helllooo Everyone ! I know this 'hello' is a bit more excited one but I have reasons for it today. Fistly, The ShineShraddha Team with writers from diverse genre are done with their first round of posting ! They wrote brilliant articles that you all must look on to.  Please have a look to last 7 … Continue reading The Secret To Our Dreams !

10 Steps to Beautiful You

Hey friends, A very good morning to all, with this new day, I'll insist you to add up some amazing habbits in your lifestyle to take out beauty lying inside you. Trust me , beauty is not about facial features and skin tone , it consist many more important elements which are - attitude , … Continue reading 10 Steps to Beautiful You

 Ek Khwaab Aisa bhi !

​Hello Friends, this is my first post and I am sure you all will find my write ups quite different, as in my poems you will get fragrance of Hindi,Urdu and Persian words. It is all about imagination, a beautiful, colorful dream of a poet, who likes to play with her words. So here it … Continue reading  Ek Khwaab Aisa bhi !

Behind Smiles By Shraddha Singh

Book : Behind Smiles Author: Shraddha Singh Publisher : Amazon Kindle Format: E-book. Pages :27 My Rating: 4/5     About The Poems Behind smiles is a collection of twenty one poems, poems are full of emotions…expressing the different phases, emotions of our lives. Coining of words, expression of feelings have taken their origin from … Continue reading Behind Smiles By Shraddha Singh

सिर्फ़ तेरी |Eternal Love

Hello everyone, I am MS Mahawar. I do write poetry and Shayari. I am sharing a Hindi poem here. I have tried to express a girl’s fantasy. The poem is about a girl who wishes to be loved. This is the only dream, she want to live. Please read the post and share your views . ❤ मुझे … Continue reading सिर्फ़ तेरी |Eternal Love