Shrinking eyes…….

Shrinking eyes of a farmer who is waiting for Monsoon...........


Inviting Authors !

Hello everyone... !  ShineShraddha has been with you all for a long period now. We have discovered many bonds through our blogging journey.  Blogging has given this 'one special thing' to all of us... I know you agree ! 🙂 ❤ I am inviting Authors from different niches to be a part of this blog … Continue reading Inviting Authors !

Book Review – Love, Lies and the Sea by Manish Das Gupta

Love, Lies and the Sea - Book Review Book - Love, Lies and the Sea Author - Manish Das Gupta Genre -  Romance, Mystery, Fiction Price -  INR 180 (on book) Pages - 174 Chapters -  41   What the book says about itself :-  He is the frociously vindictive ex-lover. The fiery woman is … Continue reading Book Review – Love, Lies and the Sea by Manish Das Gupta

Launch me to the space ; I want to see

Launch me to the spaceI want to see ,not the stars and planetsbut the walls between countries !They say ; "its my land" ;I say it belongs to me ,I wish to see from miles abovehow accurate are these boundaries !I have seen man promotingpictures from outer space ,it appears all bluethen how the god … Continue reading Launch me to the space ; I want to see

On this seventh day of july

  On this seventh day of july Twenty !! Sounds exciting , mature and a little responsible. I was born in this month of rains and rainbows. Dripping drops wash away all the our dirt , tears and vain. What remains is a clearer vision , a constant melody of nature and purest air of … Continue reading On this seventh day of july


My Dream Man !!Ummmmm....... (wait , I am thinking !!)But wait !! Hold on !! ...........All the batchelors out there !! Dont get excited as this is not a post that will help you knowing a girl at all !!!( Huh !! Men will always be Men !!)Anyways ..........OMG !! How many times I have … Continue reading MY DREAM MAN !! 🙂

Datsun redi GO

Datsun redi GOFun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.Yippeee !! The car for the perfect busy loving Mom ,  also the car for the kinda buddy sharing and the car for some family time is about to be launched. Excited for the multipurpose … Continue reading Datsun redi GO