Behind Smiles By Shraddha Singh

Book : Behind Smiles Author: Shraddha Singh Publisher : Amazon Kindle Format: E-book. Pages :27 My Rating: 4/5     About The Poems Behind smiles is a collection of twenty one poems, poems are full of emotions…expressing the different phases, emotions of our lives. Coining of words, expression of feelings have taken their origin from … Continue reading Behind Smiles By Shraddha Singh


​I looked at you – with a sigh!!

I looked at you - with a sigh!! A few steps now feel miles The world ceased for a moment You complained that i was dominant Salty water filled my eyes Could feel your kisses and pretty lies And relived those six years in mind  But stood still with no movement  I looked at you … Continue reading ​I looked at you – with a sigh!!

Rondeau poetry

Look!! Life has brought us hereWhere life seems to be nowhere I feel you - a stranger in my houseThough seven promises have                                                 tagged us spouse We promised love , support … Continue reading Rondeau poetry