Better Ways of Living…My Perspectives

We all have some perceptions towards life, we all have certain aim, goals, wishes and preferred lifestyles, but in the journey of life we meet with several people specially when we step in the teenage…our first step towards the vast and practical world, that is the time when we meet people with different mentalities, sometime … Continue reading Better Ways of Living…My Perspectives


Simplifying life  #LIFEatitsBEST (DAY – 10)

Hello folks ! I am happy for your presence on the last day of our 10 day motivational series - #LIFEatitsBEST . I hope you were inspired by all our articles and the people behind them took your heart.  Mornings are meaningful as I have a goal to rise up for ! Night aren't so dark but … Continue reading Simplifying life  #LIFEatitsBEST (DAY – 10)

Life, Failures and Lessons to Learn

"I have made blunders in my life" And that's how the conversation got started. Three persons which I could even say colleagues or friends, enough mature to understand life on their own, chatting over a cup of Coffee. It’s 6:55 p.m., its honey bunny and light refreshing evening. We have gathered after our office. The … Continue reading Life, Failures and Lessons to Learn

Know Thyself

It's my immense pleasure to have this wonderful opportunity to scribble my heart on one of my favorite blogs and that too on the day of my own Blog's Birthday. It's been six years of self-discovery at My Friendship and would continue. I am more than happy to spread the share of happiness with Shraddha … Continue reading Know Thyself

Shaping ourselves #LifeAtItsBest

We all start from ZERO, aiming to be something positive, a HERO. To reach that, we have to continuously shape ourselves into something better. And this, my friends, is not a one-time thing. It's a regular, daily process. "Rome was not built in a day". Similarly, our lives and character doesn't form right away. The struggles … Continue reading Shaping ourselves #LifeAtItsBest

Stir Your Heart #LIFEatitsBEST

What if you have a broken heart? It’s still beautiful. What if your tears refuse to stop flowing? Your puffy eyes are still gorgeous. What if you do not sleep anymore? Your dreams are still on their way. What if someone you loved dearly didn’t care? There are many others who still love you the … Continue reading Stir Your Heart #LIFEatitsBEST

Self Mastery – First step to success

By - Ovais siddiqui It is rightly said that if one cannot master ourself we can in no way master the outer world.  As the path to success starts with the very first trait of being in synchronisation with oneself.  The moment we loose our control over ourselves , we loose all the battles.  From … Continue reading Self Mastery – First step to success


We live in a society which refuses to the lift the veil. Most of us are trapped within a set of norms and rules. Eventually we get used to our own mediocre existence. But there are a few who dare to dream big and challenge the norms. For them an obstacle is just another stepping … Continue reading THE POWER OF DREAMS