Love Marriage – I doubt !! 

India has developed, more appropriately Indians have developed a lot. Time has changed and people have become more aware, enthusiastic and free. Everyone is talking about liberty, freedom, independence and taking great actions towards it. Men and women are equal, caste barriers are reduced and a more open surrounding is being witnessed. A major part … Continue reading Love Marriage – I doubt !! 

ESCAPE (Haiku)     [DAY 5 #AtoZChallenge]

Beats humm their romance Her heart turned mellifluous No escape from love ! Hey friends ! I have taken up the April A to Z challenge and will be enthusiastically posting throughout this April with new concepts each day. Your feedback is most awaited !! Do drop your views and let me know your opinions. … Continue reading ESCAPE (Haiku)     [DAY 5 #AtoZChallenge]

DISTANCES    DAY 4 #AtoZChallenge

     DISTANCES She danced with the raindrops, played with butterflies, teased the morning dews and embraced the sunshine. The wind aided communication and starts never let memories flee her mind. The tinkle of her eyes and the sparkles of her smiles narrated a story of love seperated by seven miles. True it is that … Continue reading DISTANCES    DAY 4 #AtoZChallenge