नींद से करार |HINDI POETRY

Hello Everyone, I am sharing few Shayaris here. I penned all these shayaris for one of my good friends from Indiblogger’s family. She is the one who helped me and encouraged me when I was going through tough times. Thank you so much dear for being there when no one else was. This is the … Continue reading नींद से करार |HINDI POETRY


Negatively Positive

In the journey of life we all have experienced some special types of person, sometime through our own experiences, sometime through others and sometime through new papers, TV channels and different social Media. Here the categories are… Cheaters: Some people exist in this world with some intricate thoughts, who have the capability to cheat people … Continue reading Negatively Positive

As, Pearl lies deep in the layers of ocean ! 

Hello everyone, This for the first time , I got the opportunity to share my thoughts on such a big platform .For this , I am greatful to ShineShraddha blog. It is a wonderful blog . ❤ Today we will talk about FREEDOM. Love, happiness,dreams and all other wonderful expressions demand freedom.Freedom is a word … Continue reading As, Pearl lies deep in the layers of ocean ! 


 Dreams are very dear to us. They seem like everything we have got and everything we wish to achieve at the same time. Shall I say that dreams are a perfect combo of our true possessions and our true aspirations ??  YES ? THEN FOLLOW ON....... I know since how long you have been dreaming … Continue reading “DEAR DREAMS”

Love Marriage – I doubt !! 

India has developed, more appropriately Indians have developed a lot. Time has changed and people have become more aware, enthusiastic and free. Everyone is talking about liberty, freedom, independence and taking great actions towards it. Men and women are equal, caste barriers are reduced and a more open surrounding is being witnessed. A major part … Continue reading Love Marriage – I doubt !! 

[Do not click] until Sworn secrecy

Top three causes of death these days - A broken heart, cancer and fear of insanity. A mere whimper of these three may take away twenty-five years of your life! And yet we share the news of cancer, catastrophe and casualties freely.  Fostering the fear in the mind of those we love and care! Are you … Continue reading [Do not click] until Sworn secrecy

4 Simple Ways To Have More Happiness & Fuller Life !! 

Does your morning coffee make you wonder about life more happier and  joyful ? Does living fuller , richer and healthier than before seems chimera to you ? Then , this post is all for you. Let me make you remember something burried in your mind , Happiness is not a thing glean in the … Continue reading 4 Simple Ways To Have More Happiness & Fuller Life !! 

Sometimes & Sometimes 

Life has never been synonymous to 'Simple' in our dictionaries. We have always been planning each and everything, although most of things go against the plan. I am always spying for one liner - life mantra. Sadly, I never got any. There is  lot been said and narrated outside but there is nothing exactly compatible. … Continue reading Sometimes & Sometimes