Say It A Thousand Times Over 😍😘

I am 21 now, 😄 grown enough to handle life and its tortures. Most of my days were alike, until I realised that the monotony was affecting my thoughts, lifestyle and yes ofcourse my health.   I changed it. I changed everything. I changed being useless. 😠  One moment or other I would do something or … Continue reading Say It A Thousand Times Over 😍😘


Long Skirt With Long Memories Beaded Onto It <3

Life demands a change!  With all my days going in the same manner... just like those repeated clothing mind saturated and demanded a change. I  wondered What to do ?  I searched desperatley for a change. a change that could revive my loosing spirits. I wished of wearing something that can make me feel … Continue reading Long Skirt With Long Memories Beaded Onto It ❤

Morning Rituals ! <3

These days.. I realised How influential mornings are in our life !  Waking up is a usual process each day but seldom we realise that getting up each day for coming hours could have been better with a few practices.  It is often that we get up irritated, Bored, with no enthusiasm and zeal. The … Continue reading Morning Rituals ! ❤

Some Kit-Kat Breaks !

A break is what I am on these days...  Why ? May be Because I was not able to keep the pace with things. May be I was exhausted or may be I felt like rekindling the fire.  When life looks at you with narrowed eyebrows and stars seem a little less shiny as usual.  … Continue reading Some Kit-Kat Breaks !

नींद से करार |HINDI POETRY

Hello Everyone, I am sharing few Shayaris here. I penned all these shayaris for one of my good friends from Indiblogger’s family. She is the one who helped me and encouraged me when I was going through tough times. Thank you so much dear for being there when no one else was. This is the … Continue reading नींद से करार |HINDI POETRY

The Secret To Our Dreams !

Helllooo Everyone ! I know this 'hello' is a bit more excited one but I have reasons for it today. Fistly, The ShineShraddha Team with writers from diverse genre are done with their first round of posting ! They wrote brilliant articles that you all must look on to.  Please have a look to last 7 … Continue reading The Secret To Our Dreams !

Inside the Heart of Hope – Rishabh Puri

Book - Inside the Heart of Hope Author - Rishabh Puri Genre - Motivational Fiction Pages -  121 Price -  Rs. 150 What the Book says about itself -  Rick has a medical condition that makes his life different from the rest. But unlike others around him he sees this not as a course but … Continue reading Inside the Heart of Hope – Rishabh Puri

As, Pearl lies deep in the layers of ocean ! 

Hello everyone, This for the first time , I got the opportunity to share my thoughts on such a big platform .For this , I am greatful to ShineShraddha blog. It is a wonderful blog . ❤ Today we will talk about FREEDOM. Love, happiness,dreams and all other wonderful expressions demand freedom.Freedom is a word … Continue reading As, Pearl lies deep in the layers of ocean !