Better Ways of Living…My Perspectives

We all have some perceptions towards life, we all have certain aim, goals, wishes and preferred lifestyles, but in the journey of life we meet with several people specially when we step in the teenage…our first step towards the vast and practical world, that is the time when we meet people with different mentalities, sometime … Continue reading Better Ways of Living…My Perspectives


Negatively Positive

In the journey of life we all have experienced some special types of person, sometime through our own experiences, sometime through others and sometime through new papers, TV channels and different social Media. Here the categories are… Cheaters: Some people exist in this world with some intricate thoughts, who have the capability to cheat people … Continue reading Negatively Positive

As, Pearl lies deep in the layers of ocean ! 

Hello everyone, This for the first time , I got the opportunity to share my thoughts on such a big platform .For this , I am greatful to ShineShraddha blog. It is a wonderful blog . ❤ Today we will talk about FREEDOM. Love, happiness,dreams and all other wonderful expressions demand freedom.Freedom is a word … Continue reading As, Pearl lies deep in the layers of ocean ! 

LESBIAN  [ DAY 12 #AtoZChallenge]

A longing of different form! An infatuation geared at deviant  pace! A relationships reformed with evolving era ! Homosexuality seeking  some space !  P.S.    The above lines do not intent to hurt or judge any individual or thought. Kindly reflect to the positive side of the issue and positive conclusions.  Hey friends ! I … Continue reading LESBIAN  [ DAY 12 #AtoZChallenge]

KITE     [DAY 11 #AtoZChallenge]

They  were restricted to share lives. From stores to milieu, from schools to playgrounds and their gods, everything was separate and  prevented from the toxication of other's presence. The kite did not understand the separation of religions. It has no duff norms to follow. It flew over every roof ,  from every spool and in … Continue reading KITE     [DAY 11 #AtoZChallenge]

Jingles   [ Day 10 #AtoZChallenge]

Jingles were his favourite. He liked them more than any other melody or music. The Happy Birthday jingle was the best tune he has ever heard. But while living down the footpaths and struggling for survival, there  was no one to sing it for him. No sign of parents and No sign of Birth date. … Continue reading Jingles   [ Day 10 #AtoZChallenge]

IDIOMS  [DAY 9 #AtoZChallenge]

Ever since she reached the mid school, Idioms excited her. Say a word and an Idiom would pop out.  The love for poems, prose and classics grew fonder each day. Only literature flew in her body. Fifteen years later, say a word and a medical term would pop out. Social aspirations took over dreams. The … Continue reading IDIOMS  [DAY 9 #AtoZChallenge]

Sandeep Maheshwari & His Journey from Zero To Hero !!

Sandeep Maheshwari , a well known name for his free of cost motivational seminars ! This man has changed many lives through his unadulterated and very simple life fundas ! True in every sense, he speaks for all spheres of life. Watch his Journey from Zero to Hero that is surely an inspiration for all of … Continue reading Sandeep Maheshwari & His Journey from Zero To Hero !!