Love Is Always One Of Its Kind !

Some love stories are a result of long fantasies and some other are sudden sweet accidents. 🙂 🙂   No matter How it happened, It is always one of its kind.  Love is a feeling of butterflies - Both inside and outside. I am one of them, who are still to meet their perfect love and … Continue reading Love Is Always One Of Its Kind !


The Secret To Our Dreams !

Helllooo Everyone ! I know this 'hello' is a bit more excited one but I have reasons for it today. Fistly, The ShineShraddha Team with writers from diverse genre are done with their first round of posting ! They wrote brilliant articles that you all must look on to.  Please have a look to last 7 … Continue reading The Secret To Our Dreams !

Beauty Of Sun – A Captured Illusion 

 Hello everyone !  I am Mayra and today I am thankful to Shine Shraddha blog for giving me this opportunity. I hope you will like it. Here we have  showcased a beautiful photograph of Sun. 🙂  Sunrise and Sunset are the most beautiful illusions of the nature. When the dark turns to light and the … Continue reading Beauty Of Sun – A Captured Illusion 

Inviting Authors !

Hello everyone... !  ShineShraddha has been with you all for a long period now. We have discovered many bonds through our blogging journey.  Blogging has given this 'one special thing' to all of us... I know you agree ! 🙂 ❤ I am inviting Authors from different niches to be a part of this blog … Continue reading Inviting Authors !

Inside the Heart of Hope – Rishabh Puri

Book - Inside the Heart of Hope Author - Rishabh Puri Genre - Motivational Fiction Pages -  121 Price -  Rs. 150 What the Book says about itself -  Rick has a medical condition that makes his life different from the rest. But unlike others around him he sees this not as a course but … Continue reading Inside the Heart of Hope – Rishabh Puri

As, Pearl lies deep in the layers of ocean ! 

Hello everyone, This for the first time , I got the opportunity to share my thoughts on such a big platform .For this , I am greatful to ShineShraddha blog. It is a wonderful blog . ❤ Today we will talk about FREEDOM. Love, happiness,dreams and all other wonderful expressions demand freedom.Freedom is a word … Continue reading As, Pearl lies deep in the layers of ocean ! 


 Dreams are very dear to us. They seem like everything we have got and everything we wish to achieve at the same time. Shall I say that dreams are a perfect combo of our true possessions and our true aspirations ??  YES ? THEN FOLLOW ON....... I know since how long you have been dreaming … Continue reading “DEAR DREAMS”

Love Marriage – I doubt !! 

India has developed, more appropriately Indians have developed a lot. Time has changed and people have become more aware, enthusiastic and free. Everyone is talking about liberty, freedom, independence and taking great actions towards it. Men and women are equal, caste barriers are reduced and a more open surrounding is being witnessed. A major part … Continue reading Love Marriage – I doubt !!