The Secret To Our Dreams !

Helllooo Everyone !

I know this ‘hello’ is a bit more excited one but I have reasons for it today. Fistly, The ShineShraddha Team with writers from diverse genre are done with their first round of posting ! They wrote brilliant articles that you all must look on to. 

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Lets Get back to us……

 Today I wish to share some positivity with you. Yes, I try to do it everytime but today I wish I would make you recall one forgotten concept. Some of you are aware of it but just have lost it in the rush of life. But there are some who still practice it everyday. 

What is it ? 

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It is The Law Of Attraction !

The law of attraction is an age old concept.. It took birth many years ago and ever since then it is immortal and the most known and seeked one.

What Is Law Of Attraction ?

Law of attraction, in my words and as my experience is a simple concept of thoughts and our association with the universe. It says that when you dearly imagine and want something than the universe brings it for you.  The law of attraction uses the power of mind to turn thoughts to reality. It is widely known that if we can imagine something than it is achievable.

How To Use The Law Of Attraction ?

As used by me, The law of attraction to be brought in practice requires the following steps. 

  1. Free yourself from negativity and negative thoughts.
  2. Decide clearly what you wish that life should give you. 

  3. Imagine and actually play and replay that dream in your mind every possible time.

  4. Practice  good thoughts and good actions.

  5. Have Patience – Enjoy the journey.

  6. Send positive  messages and vibes to the universe everyday.

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How Does it works ?

When you will Be clear with a imaginable and practical dream or more precisely your goal, the universe around you will feel the vibes coming from you.

When you will be Positive and both your thoughts and actions will ge positive, the vibes travelling from you to the space will charge up your environment.
Whn everything will be right, and you will dream a dream dearly and donate one part of your day towards the path of achieving it , the universe will certainly conspire.

Now ! Wait ! I know you all are sensible and mature beings but do not dream a dream like having a Private jet next morning in front of your house automatically. This is completely insane.The universe will only extend its hand when you have done a bit or so towards your goal. 

Always Remeber its your goal ! 

P.S. This article is entirely on my experiences and ideologies. I may be a bit wrong or may be absolutely correct. I have just shared what I have been practicing since long and do it each day. 

Please write to me what you thought ? Did it inspire you ? Do you practice the law of attraction or do you believe it  ? 

I eagerly wait for your responses after every post and this time its so hard to wait… I would love to listen to your Law of Attraction Stories. Do wtite to me in the comment section. 🙂


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