10 Steps to Beautiful You

Hey friends,
A very good morning to all, with this new day, I’ll insist you to add up some amazing habbits in your lifestyle to take out beauty lying inside you.

Trust me , beauty is not about facial features and skin tone , it consist many more important elements which are – attitude , style, health,positive energy and confidence.

This might sound fake and worthless at this moment but I am experiencing it since last few years.

So for you guys, here are 10 steps which will make you look more lively and beautiful.

Yoga or Meditation –

 Well ,you need not to wakeup early in the morning for it. Just 15 mins after you have evacuated your bowels😆.This enhances blood circulation in the body and will keep your heart  and lungs healthy.

Clean your face –

  this is very important ,use a gentle scrub daily morning . After scrubbing moisturize your face properly.If you are spend your day out , then you must apply sunscreen 10 mins prior leaving your place.

Use toner –

 use mild toner this will shrink and close the pores on your face ,this will prevent acne breakout

Drink lot of water –

 One must drink atleast 4ltrs of water a day.Water will flush out toxins from your body and will keep your body cells hydrated and healthy.

A healthy breakfast –

 Never skip your breakfast,a good healthy breakfast will keep you energrtic all day long.

Avoid negative thoughts – 

The negative thoughts keep you tensed , which takes away your charm .So, be positive and spread positivity around you .

Be confident – 

Be confident with whatever you do, it will make you more impressive and attractive, there is nothing in this world which you can’t do, you are no less than anyone.


Massage your face at night – 

Before going to bed clean your face and then massage it with any gel or cream which ever suits you gently for 1 – 2 mins.Your skin needs nourishment to glow the next day.

Don’t forget your hands and feet 

– Before going to bed , also clean your hands and feet , if you have time scrub then gently and then massage them with any cream.

Carry your smile – 

Your smile is the best jewellery you have .So wear  whereever  you go , it adds stars to your personality .

      This is it,  add up 10 simple steps to your lifestyle and experience the lovely change in you.And don’t forget to tell me about it. 

      Take care 


      10 thoughts on “10 Steps to Beautiful You

      1. Great steps that makes one healthy and full of life. May I add meditation before sleeping to be in the moment and create awareness around. Yoga has changed my life and needs to be more regular during my morning practice.

        Liked by 1 person

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