Behind Smiles By Shraddha Singh

Behind Smiles

Book : Behind Smiles

Author: Shraddha Singh

Publisher : Amazon Kindle

Format: E-book.

Pages :27

My Rating: 4/5



About The Poems

Behind smiles is a collection of twenty one poems, poems are full of emotions…expressing the different phases, emotions of our lives. Coining of words, expression of feelings have taken their origin from emotions recollected in tranquility. The use of language is clear. A few poems have enchanting effects on me, specially the poem…“All the world is a stage” and  “Take away”.
The line ….

“I looked…..good bye”

 from the poem has touched the heart and glad to see the skillful juxtaposition of words by Shraddha.

Shraddha has done full justification with the title “Behind Smiles” as we all know “the title is the mirror of the content”.

Here I want to share some contents of some poems…

“May the darkness”…page 3…Reflects fighting spirit.

Page 8 is written on the Rondeau Poetry style. …a Rondeau poetry consists of fifteen lines that have two rhymes throughout. The first few words or phrase from the first lines are repeated twice in the poem as a re-frame.

Page 22 contains a poem titled “All the world is stage” where Shraddha wants to tell that we are playing our roles in this stage which is called world and in the last line she express her feelings about how she want to perform her role.



My Thoughts

I think every reader will surely be able to relate the incidents of life with this poetry book, some feelings which are very common in our lives has been expressed very beautifully.

As a debutante poetess she has been able to show her capability to be famous one.


You can grab a copy here…

Behind Smiles

Guest Author: Jyotirmoy Sarkar



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