Use Smartphones But Be Smarter

Technological advancement has put smartphones into a different realm altogether.  It’s a phone, phone diary, alarm, storage media, music provider, channels viewer, draft maker and editor, video game app provider all rolled into one.  In fact these functions are some very prominent features that we use.  

There are hundreds of other uses for which a smartphone is being used.  With lakhs of apps on the internet being downloaded from the smartphone even the sky is the limit as far as its uses are concerned.


Human body, however, has certain limitations. Excessive use of smartphones is hazardous to human health.  Disturbed sleep, effect on eyes, migraine, depression, lack of focus, anxiety, effect on the spine are some of the prominent health issues.  It was reported in the Times of India very recently that a man who used to browse with his mobile phones during night hours with room lights switched off damaged his eye nerves which led to irreversible loss of his eyes.

Even Emails are mostly done through smart phones.  We should try to work on our laptops and desktops instead of using mobile phones as far as using editor applications and emails are concerned. 

 It’s a very simple logic.  If we are typing a document on our mobile we are overstressing our eyes.  If the same document is typed on a laptop due to a large screen space the stress on our eyes is less.

Even if the frequent use of smartphones is unavoidable in certain cases care should be taken not to use it continuously.  Breaks in between can be de-stressing for the eyes and brain.  The radiations associated with the mobile can be damaging to the brain.

Now its we who have to decide who is smarter.  Smart phones or we.



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