A Love Letter – Madhu


Howdy!  This is Anjali. Let’s talk about love today. ❤

Do we all believe in Love? Not everyone does, I suppose. Many of us have survived heart breaks, many of us have ‘failed’ in love. But do we really ‘fail’ in love? 

We don’t, we rise. We fall, we crawl, but we come back stronger. But most of all, when we fall in love, could be with anyone, maybe even a little plant. 

There, the being rests in our heart and it becomes our prime responsibility for its nuture. It becomes our motive to help it rise. That’s how love is. ❤

Dear love,

The rise of the sun and its unleashing bright rays, here we begin our journey of small plays. A little laughter and billions of smiles to greet, from tears of pain, to a joy so sweet. In the fresh green grass of the fields, you and me sitting the rides of thrills, did it pacify you? Let’s flow in the dew drops of the leaves, along the river so merry and birds which chirp. 

My messy hair, your glamorous wear. Let’s get along the hills so high, where birds nest and fly, where nature meets horizon, where tears turn to sprinkles of ecstasy. The beach? Oh, the beach that walks not, runs with the waves so mighty, no despair. The hope to rise from a fall of agony, the pious grains of sand, so many! The ochre-brown shade it bares, so hot in the day, touch it, who cares? The cold breeze that flows, once night falls, my hair reaching out to you, you do watch..

Out of the hundreds and billions of stars, I locate my moon, it’s bright, it’s beauty, wouldn’t let it fade so soon. Hold my hand, my love, not to be afraid, let’s pace our feet in the forest so deep. The tall green trees, that stood so high, watch the cubs too, cry. The deer that drinks water from it’s daily-source, do you see how it matches the other? Of course. The singing birds, how melodious is the nightingale. Hope it doesn’t meet a frog, like one in that tale. Isn’t the mother elephant so naïve?

 Unaware of it’s baby’s sails. Hold my hand, my love, the night is falling by, look at the dark blue sky! Oh it has rained. It has rained after a centuries today. Look at the droplets fall as pearls of Oyster. Let your palms rest in mine, let’s dance to the glory of the charm of nature. Let the splash of water heal your deep-rooted scars, let the smooth touch of the elegant flowers wash away your wounds. 

Let’s climb the mountains of snow, my love, a little higher, each day. Let’s climb the rocks of hope, perseverance and peace. Let’s grow as tall as the cliff up there, so, no power can ever separate us. At the end of the day, let’s rest in the cushy and soothing garden of love. So, we’re again set on another unusual adventure tomorrow.

Yours truly,


4 thoughts on “A Love Letter – Madhu

  1. True Shraddha, we rise, fall and get back on our feet when in love. It’s such a beautiful letter expression the joy of love, adventure and grief perhaps on what we do together. A compelling and engaging read that many young people will relate to.


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