As, Pearl lies deep in the layers of ocean ! 

Hello everyone,

This for the first time , I got the opportunity to share my thoughts on such a big platform .For this , I am greatful to ShineShraddha blog. It is a wonderful blog . ❤

Today we will talk about FREEDOM.

Love, happiness,dreams and all other wonderful expressions demand freedom.Freedom is a word that adds spark to the life.

Isn’t it?

It is lovely to hear and loveliest to experience. 

But for most of us, freedom is a myth,it’s ambiguous.

Let me define freedom – the absence of neccesity, coercion or constraints in choice and action. To make it simple freedom makes you unbound, no fetters by outside world. It makes you empowered, confident, happy and you yourself.

But with freedom comes the sense of responsibilty of self and people around us  Be ready to take them. As they go hand in hand.

Freedom can never be absolute, your freedom can be constraint to other.

 Many years ago, our ancestors fought for the freedom of country from britishers and now we all have to fight for our individual freedom . It’s not at all an easy task, to fight from others is easy than to fight with our own people.
But in this war , our weapons must be logic and sensibility. I’ll say: Don’t raise your voice, improve your arguement.

As,  Pearl lies deep in the layers of ocean. Hence, all we have to do is gather the courage to be free, to be yourself and hold the strings of your life ! 

Now , let us flash a glance towards spirituality:

Everyone in this world has a soul, whether a child , oldage or  youth , it has to be equally respected and accredited with freedom and space.

Also , there are adversaries to freedom which are expectations and a sense of possession. True love is liberating while expectations bind. But when these adversaries walk along with love , this pure feeling of love is overcomed by a sense of possessions and lastly love dies unnoticed.

So , try liberating your loved ones , let them enjoy all colors of life. Be free and letvothers have their part of freedom . It will be a world of individuality and innovations. 🙂

I am Sudhi and I will be eagerly waiting for your response over my attempt. Please write to me your views and comments. 🙂

Thankyou ! 


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