Love Marriage – I doubt !! 

India has developed, more appropriately Indians have developed a lot. Time has changed and people have become more aware, enthusiastic and free. Everyone is talking about liberty, freedom, independence and taking great actions towards it. Men and women are equal, caste barriers are reduced and a more open surrounding is being witnessed.

A major part of our society is still in great doubts of this liberty ! A fraction is strictly against. The most unbelievable of all is the status of love marriages in towns of India ! 

They believe in castes, status and rituals. They consider stability and security. They believe in long term settlements. They demand life long relations. 

But, does  this all works out everytime and for everyone ?

Love, is a miracle that changes everything. Two people in love, positive love, can make the best of everything they possess. It is strengthening, liberal, passionate and healing.

The freedom to choose our own partner in our society is a false ritual.
 This needs to be eradicated. I will not blame any generation for the failure. It is the duty of each generation to grow and succeed mutually. 

The good and bads of love, marriages and current scenario are evident to all of us. I do not wish to state the same stories. Lets just think for a while and realise what’s actually going on around and what are we becoming and being a part of. If needed, lets just take a step ahead to a better solution. 

We all know what needs to be done, we all know what is the need, No war like situation will ever change the perceptions! Love and understanding, Belief and trust can make things happen. 

To all parents and Youngsters, Lets just ponder for a while. A good parenting involves letting your child free to follow his heart, his dreams. The things we want them to learn, cannot be taught by pressure and boundations. They should come from within, which is only possible when people develope a good self esteem and have enough courage to think, decide and act.

On the other hand, Being a kid is a matter of equal responsibility. Parents and their love is irreplacable !! Their values and Worth are not be forgotten or dismissed.

We can only win hand in hand, Neither they nor we can stand alone !! 🙂 


12 thoughts on “Love Marriage – I doubt !! 

  1. IN my family I have seen a love marriage breaking and also an arranged marriage breaking up. On the contrary, I have seen some relatives having a wonderful life as an arranged marriage couple and not to forget almost all of my cousins including me have had inter cast & inter state marriages 🙂

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