BreakUps Are No SIN !


Hey folks ! So glad to see you all again at Shine-Shraddha with same love !! ♡♡

Breakups are a tough job ! Hard it is to leave someone.  The idea of life without ‘that person’ haunts us so badly that we prefer to continue the way it is.

The hardest case is when relationship has been on for a long time. Years of togetherness, bring tons of seperation pain ! 😦

But, above all is the present state of happiness !  We need to understand that not all breakups are heart-breaks and bring out the worst fate.

Something that doesnt makes your soul happy anymore, should end!

Not all Good Byes are The Ends ! Most times they are a new  & happy start !

A lot many reasons make us step back in making a final verdict. Generally they are the memories of old happy times or fears of future !

The presence of the partner becomes a habit and habits are hard to shoo off !
If love is all about support, care , passion and happiness then on the other hand it is also about misunderstandings, regrets, struggles and seperations.

It is too hard to judge the right and move beyond morals !! Its takes too much to leave, to change ways and to seperate.

Self-Blame, Regrets and Aloofness should not be given any space in our characters. Breakup is not a sin. You have the right to say your heart out and not adjust unnecessarily.

Only the right chemicals and bring on the fragnance, it is okay to move on and find yours.

Sometimes, its much relief to leave than to stay, for you and for them !
If relationship is on a hard time, make your best efforts to improve but if your heart shouts a big NO, stand up for it. May be, that momemtary pain is better for your partner than your subconscious absence for entire lifetime !

Please drop in your views in the comments ! Its been a long time, lets catch up again ! 🙂




19 thoughts on “BreakUps Are No SIN !

  1. Break-ups can tear us into pieces but a lesson taught, empowering us over the years. I believe that a couple of relationships can help us to become more balanced as humans. I freaked out and became restless but at the same time I am becoming more detached, expecting less from relationships and believe in free love.

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  2. It wrote it with full expertise and touched major facts that every relationship sails through one or the other time. It’s all about acceptance. When both can do a lot better without staying together and they have a mutual understanding in this regard, things aren’t that tough and painful.
    Very well written ❤️ kudos

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  3. I agreed wid ur view…that breaks are not painful as our generation Thinks..but the memories about that spcl person in our life makes life miserable…and painful….
    What about that..

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    1. yeah ! Correct Vikas but what about the situation when the relationship gives you nothing except pain and dilemmas ??

      Love is all about cooperating, I agree but sometimes to leave is better than to stay… 🙂 🙂


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