Amulet    [DAY 1 – #AtoZChallenge]        

          A to Z Challenge 2017

             Day 1



She glanced at the silver chain beaded with white glossy pearls, hung over the round mirror . The next moment it embraced her wrist and she flew back with time. 15 years back , on an average day , he gifted her this token of his incalculable love, wrapped in her favourite color card. The proposal that followed is still fresh in memories. Ever since then, those pearls have been narrating their saga and witness the togetherness. They have turned to Amulet now. It is the only charm she believes in. Kissing him everymorning, she knows that she belongs to the righteous man , the man of her life , the man of her amulet.

Hey friends ! I have taken up the April A to Z challenge and will be enthusiastically posting throughout this April with new concepts each day. Your feedback is most awaited !! Do drop your views and let me know your opinions. 🙂 🙂 


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