[Do not click] until Sworn secrecy

Top three causes of death these days – A broken heart, cancer and fear of insanity. A mere whimper of these three may take away twenty-five years of your life!

And yet we share the news of cancer, catastrophe and casualties freely.  Fostering the fear in the mind of those we love and care!

Are you familiar with the story of a Traveller and the Plague?

On his way one day the traveller met a mysterious, cloaked figure hurrying in the opposite direction and stopped to ask him who he was?

“I am the Plague”, came the reply, “going along to the town you’ve just passed to kill 100,000 people there. At least I, myself shall kill only 200. Fear will do the rest for me.”

Anyone who lives in fear dies earlier than those who enjoy and cherish their lives.

We all share the news without giving them a thought. What kind of world are we creating? Without realising the political propaganda behind them.

  • The news of violence and murderers.
  • The news of apocalypse and end of the world.
  • The news of dictatorship and agony.

There is a world beyond floods, earthquakes, air crashes and murders. Look around yourself and analyse, if our world is rotten or our perception of it?

“Beware how you take away hope from another human being.”


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