4 Simple Ways To Have More Happiness & Fuller Life !! 

Does your morning coffee make you wonder about life more happier and  joyful ? Does living fuller , richer and healthier than before seems chimera to you ? Then , this post is all for you. Let me make you remember something burried in your mind , Happiness is not a thing glean in the outer world , it lies within us !! It is all within us that we need to pay attention to and hook up the world we have within.

If this all seems something of a clap-trap to you , then below are 4 Simple Ways To Live More Richer !! 


Let me tell you why this works. When you take decisions for yourself , you take full responsibility of the outcome subconsciously and when the mind know that it is going to be held responsible , it wakes up and uses all the energy to choose the best at that moment. Making decisions for oneself develops self – awareness and courage in our personality,  which definitely builds us stronger and more satisfied for our results. 


Me-Time is a short duration or period for which we totally belong to ourselves . Having a short         Me-Time will let you relax and get clear ideas of what is going on in life. When you are relaxed and reflect over life peacefully , it is certain that you make better decisions. 

Also, during this Me-Time you can practice your hobbies or get some relaxation therapy like massage or listen to music or spend it anyway pampering and giving time to yourself.


H goes for Help and H goes for Human too. We are sensitive and cannot see someone’s pain and agony. Helping anyone or helping or donating for some cause will make you feel more worthy. Remember you need not to show the world how prodigal you are , this is all you who needs to realise and feel good. People who help others always find solutions to their problems. They have a deep sense of being worthy and are content. Thus, practice this habit for the satisfcation and happi ess that you earn by yourself and  incredible wishes that those people give you. 



Whatever job you are engaged with no matter you like it or not , if it has to be done then do it like nobody else can do it better than you. Give it all that it takes.  Doing our job Honestly makes us feel innocuous, delighted , satisfied and an absolute robust at that work. When you know that you have done your job then nobody else’s judgement is needed !! 

So buds and buddies , let us begin our journey to a serene and content life with these 4 Simple and Basic ways !! 
For more of short and crisp daily inspiration keep coming back !! 🙂

Also , drop your comments because I will be pleased to know your views and feedbacks. 


4 thoughts on “4 Simple Ways To Have More Happiness & Fuller Life !! 

  1. True, all these are very important to have a quality life. We forget that. We live a messed up life. I want to add that if we make a routine and adjust all the points you have said, we can surely have a happier and fuller life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes Saru mam !! The path to true happiness is very simple. The point you added is also equally important. Knowing is not enough, we must follow daily. 🙂

      Thankyou for your feedback. Do visit again . 🙂 🙂


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