Sometimes & Sometimes 

Life has never been synonymous to ‘Simple’ in our dictionaries. We have always been planning each and everything, although most of things go against the plan. I am always spying for one liner – life mantra. Sadly, I never got any. There is  lot been said and narrated outside but there is nothing exactly compatible. Can you relate to me at this ?

Journey !! Yes it is. Mortal although but a long one. On the other hand, the expression of ‘settling up life’ creates another dilemma in my mind. What it takes to settle up lastly ? Why am I not settled yet ? How far I am from being settled up?


Such questions keep knocking the doors. Time is the biggest teacher. Yes I agree. I have learnt a lot now. A part that has been muggedup incessantly by me is – sometimes its about Ignorance but at others its all about vigilance !! Life is all about choosing the right !!

Where to ignore and where to hook up ? Well, if that has been so simple then life would not have been so adventurous !! Yes , adventurous. Its absolutely not typical or musterious but just an adventure !! Roll, walk, move, jump or fly high, we’ve got to finish it.  

Know thyself and the world will surely come under your understanding, said by somebody. Who ? May be someone aheading over his adventure. 

How-so-ever it is, its  all  about choosing  right.  Sometimes  its      ignorance  &  at others  its vigilance ! 


2 thoughts on “Sometimes & Sometimes 

    1. Yes vishal that is definitely a very brigh counter side to this… … but if you get into my real essence… i said that sometimes we really need to avoid a few things because either they ate not in our hands at all or probably wasting time on them will keep us away from more appropriate goals…
      Also sometimes we must give full attentions to things. And this is life…. chossin between your priorities and real purposes… I hope I am able to convince you a bit with my point vishal !!!

      Do drop your feedback. 🙂

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