Book Review – Love, Lies and the Sea by Manish Das Gupta

Love, Lies and the Sea – Book Review

Book – Love, Lies and the Sea

Author – Manish Das Gupta

Genre –  Romance, Mystery, Fiction

Price –  INR 180 (on book)

Pages – 174

Chapters –  41


What the book says about itself :- 

He is the frociously vindictive ex-lover. The fiery woman is supposed to be the prey. Her friends are supposed to be her ‘protectors’ , Ever heard of role-reversals ?

When the body of a girl is found across the railway tracks, confusion reigns supreme. Is it an accident or a murder ?

When they realized that she had committed suicide, the question of  ‘who provoked it’ gets relegated to secondary status. The primary question being ‘who would have thought a girl like that would commit suicide?’

The only man who can figure it out was the one who provoked it. But he does so at a cost of – his sanity


My review :-

Lizzie is smart, bold and most fancied. Arnav is a quiet and thoughtful musician. Vikram and Neel complete the square of strong friendship. The college fun is at its peak. Four lives are connected but stand distinct.

Love, Lies and the Sea is a connecting fable. The author has put precise emotions in every situation. Each character stand strong and would directly land in your heart. A clear and innovative plot makes it stand out .

The story has love, passion, mystery, lot of friendship and lessons. A potential fable , potent enough to leave a lasting impact.


Worth – 4.5/5

Connectivity – 4.5/5

Language – 4/5

Story – 4.7/5

My rating – 4/5

  Should readers buy this book ?

Yes. Get this book for your next Best-Read experience !! 🙂


Love, Lies and the Sea


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