Why is it not just another day ??1


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Hello peeps !! Welcome to shine-shradha and many wishes for your happy day. 🙂

Wait !! Hold !! Are you taking this day as one more in the calender , in the month , in the year ?  You must be saying ,” so what shraddha ? How does it matter,  it was 19 yesterday and 20 today ? Its all the same. ” 🙂
No friends No !! It’s 20 today and it matters a lot. One more day in your hand , plus 24 hours and infinite opportunity to do all that , that you couldn’t do yesterday and ever before. 🙂

Its a new day in all sense. By date , by weather , by vibes , by your mood and certainly by faith.  So why do the same things and get the same results ? 😦
On this new day , let us take a step astray , a decision beyond , a stand ahead and an experience as never before. Only then we will witness change in results. 🙂

A few that never change are :-

  1. Giving extra love than yesterday.
  2. Giving oneself some bonus time.
  3. Not settling down for anything that hurted you yesterday.

4  Breaking silence to grab a perk.

A more detailed discussion with heart on the plan of life.

Hola friends !! Forget kal ki baatein , and write naye daur ki nayi kahani.  Be a sport , live with zest and dont give up on your  dreams. Because dreams are the most important realities.

Also my buddies I hope you know that my recent anthology – Behind Smiles is now LIVE on amazon kindle.  Grab a copy Behind Smiles . 🙂


25 thoughts on “Why is it not just another day ??1

    • shraddha singh says:

      Thanks prachi !! Yes Albert einstein have said it very right. Thanks for dropping your feedback.
      Do visit again at shine shraddha.

      I hope you are catching up with my recent anthology – Behind smiles . It is a collection of 21 poems and available at amazon at just 66/-. Do have a copy and share your much awaited reviews.
      Here is the link to it.


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