Life, Failures and Lessons to Learn

“I have made blunders in my life”

And that’s how the conversation got started.

Three persons which I could even say colleagues or friends, enough mature to understand life on their own, chatting over a cup of Coffee.

It’s 6:55 p.m., its honey bunny and light refreshing evening. We have gathered after our office. The name of the persons are Vikas, Rahul and Pranav. 

Vikas started with his point, “Have we ever thought that why life is so unpredictable. What’s is the best of us we don’t know. It is only the life which know its best and finds its own way to live better.

I have rejected the best job I could ever have in my life, I was dumped by a girl who loved me like hell.

From the time I graduated from the college, with zillion of dreams but no courage to show off to the world and now ten years down the line, I see a different type of person standing in mirror altogether. A person who is more calm and composed in his life.

A person who more believes in his dreams than his stars. A person who never tries to forget anything because I am a happy guy. I wake up in the morning with my head high, work hard throughout a day and sleep tight with my pillow.”

Rahul: Then what is the thing you believe that you have committed wrong in life? Personally everyone commits mistake in life. But it is purely on us, how to take up the challenges, accept the mistakes and learning from them in your way forward.

Vikas: May be I have done nothing wrong in life, I acted from the maturity of 21 year old guy. And as the saying goes, “Success comes with experiences and experiences comes with bad experiences”

Pranav: Can we think that mistake makes us better in every way of life? We are not the best person in the world neither our life expects us to be. Perhaps life is an ongoing process of change that you need to believe on.

Rahul: Yes, most of the times, honest efforts don’t go in vein. You need to dig out what is wrong and what is right for you, then decide and make strenuous efforts to make things possible.  We all have those things, from all happy heavens to crude realities of life. We have explored. We have managed. We have cherished and endured the circumstances on each and every front. And then I came to know that how we can be so cool and life can be so cruel. You just don’t expect anything coz ultimately, it neither comes with guarantee nor with any warranty and perhaps no one knows the expiry date of it. There are people who fall down from the struggles and there are people who rise after fighting with them, choose what you want to be. It is not always the circumstances, it is only YOU that makes a difference.

Vikas: Every struggle can be your success if you are persistently committed to your struggles. Neither your success nor your failure defines you, it is only you which you choose to be.

Pranav: And that’s how everyone is successful in his or her life, some lives after eating bread butter and some even lives in squashiest hotels. Life is all about the journey. Quality of life is more important than the moments you exist. We face, we conquer, we sacrifice, we surrender, we rejoice, we mitigate and every new phase gives you the new questions of life.

Rahul: It is always strange that when we find answers and get comfortable with them, life changes question for us. I still remember when someone asked me that why academics is so easy and life is so complex and I had still the same answer like then that “Because the life questions don’t come with predetermined answers”

Pranav: You may be good for your life but is your life is good for you is a question mark (?) You may be a thought provoker or a deep thinker to analyze the things but we have to understand that when we think life also thinks.

Vikas: Perhaps we need to act within time. We have to be punctual not only in our physical presence but our decision making power, to take decisions at right time. Just because we got good grades in exam, not necessarily we will be the successful employee of a town.

Pranav: I have seen many CAs fail just because that academics is different and life is an exam which you every day need to give. There is a different examiner, different judge and different assessor in every way of life.

Vikas: True, It is the same like Amitabh Bachchan said, “Every day he sees a new challenge in his life” Just because you are truly good hearted may not make you marry with the girl which you want.

Rahul: True and the best part is, everything comes as a learning. Everything makes you stronger for all your future endeavors. Everything makes you enough mature when to say yes and when to deny with a Solid No.

You may be like sand but life makes you concrete. Happy life is a dream of real world. Face your reality and challenge your happiness. If you can’t earn it, let it go. If you can’t live without, then never settle till you get. Change the texture and the picture would be different.

Eventually what matters is you as a person, as a professional, as a friend or as a lover. who has never given up on his life though life has get on to you harshly.

Be the wonder of the world

Think. Live. Believe.


About the Author: Rahul Kamodiya, working as an Assistant Manager of KPMG (One of the World’s Top Big 4) is a Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary by profession. Academically brilliant and with words in his heart, he tries to match feelings with poetries. Hard core traveler and passionate about writing, he thinks teaching, writing and reading can literally make a difference in your life. He has also contributed in various anthologies and dreaming to be a successful author soul one day. With nearly 1700 followers on his Facebook page, he still thinks Life is much more than what people follow from you. He can be reached at


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