Know Thyself

It’s my immense pleasure to have this wonderful opportunity to scribble my heart on one of my favorite blogs and that too on the day of my own Blog’s Birthday. It’s been six years of self-discovery at My Friendship and would continue. I am more than happy to spread the share of happiness with Shraddha and with sweethearts stopped by.  Happy reading! 🙂 

Since the day we enter this world, we are surrounded with people. A few relations build up without any efforts- to parents, sibling(s), grandparents and relatives. The other relations develop as we grow and meet people. But, is it easy to keep those relations intact? NO. On a mutual term there has to be care, affection, respect, adjustment and understanding. 

There are times when we badly want some people in our lives and to have them back we have to step out of our ego zone and take an initiative. We take care of small little things to show our love and care. We appreciate them for taking baby steps, motivate to try again by reminding past achievements even when everything looms in dark and failure.  We do not let them stop but keep telling that, ”there is a light at the end of the tunnel”. 

How many of us does this to ourselves? Have you ever tried comprehending your relation with your inner-self? We spend hours and days contemplating reasons behind others’ action but do we analyze our own actions taken in the fit of rage and in hit of the moment? There are hundreds and thousands of people we know about but do we know ourselves? Ever tried to strike out a self-conversation? Ever wrote a letter to yourself or gave a sweet treat to yourself? It’s never too late to begin and learn. Know thyself first. Respect thyself. Love thyself. Understand thyself. Hold on to thyself. 

We believe hard times are the part of Fate; A crucial part not because it is inevitable but because it shows the other phase that teaches an experience so that we could realize ”There is nothing for granted”.


The more you wait; the more it gets late

The more you expect; the more it hurts you exact

The more you try to make; the more situations tend to break

The more you find reasons; the more you get in confusion

The more you try to show; the more you get outshone

The more you have; the more things you lose

The more you dare; the more you bear


The more you share; the more you cheer

The more you love; the more you be loved

The more you try; the more things come by

The more you imagine; the more your thoughts be designed 

The more you believe within; the stronger fate tries to make you win

The more challenges you accept; the more opportunities your way precept

The more you be true; the more you be You!

Lets begin this journey of self-discovery without stopping until we meet ourselves. 🙂 

About the Author: Simran Kaur, a second year Management student at BML Munjal University is an explorer by nature and so she aspires to pursue an MBA in tourism and hospitality after her graduation. She has an extra-ordinary love for writing and reading. Gursimran has contributed her stories and poems in various anthologies such as- A Little Chorus of Love, Purple Hues, Colors- Shades of Life, Tales to Tell, I Am a Woman, Aagman, Rhymes and Rhythm and many more. She owns a column for book review and author interview in one of the leading e-magazines – Writer’s Ezine. Her story ”Pink” received ”The Golden Storyteller Award”. She began her entrepreneurial journey at ‘‘Handmade Marvels” to relish her passion for crafts where she is constantly experimenting and designing bookmarks, paper jewelries and greeting cards. For her, cooking is an ultimate source of joy and she loves trying out new cuisines. You can read her blog at: and


6 thoughts on “Know Thyself

  1. Your years of self discovery are Inspiring the world to, ‘Know Thyself’.
    To discover that, “There is a light at the end of the tunnel”.
    Dear, I thank God for your existence! ❤


  2. Your years of self discovery are inspiring the world to, Know Thyself!
    To know that, “There is a light at the end of the tunnel”.
    Dear, I thank God for your existence! ❤


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