Shaping ourselves #LifeAtItsBest

We all start from ZERO, aiming to be something positive, a HERO. To reach that, we have to continuously shape ourselves into something better. And this, my friends, is not a one-time thing. It’s a regular, daily process.

“Rome was not built in a day”. Similarly, our lives and character doesn’t form right away. The struggles and the ups-downs are more important than the success and happy moments. During the times of our struggle, our hard days, we are like powder or say amorphous substance. No shape, no size, no weight, no importance. But, we are there. We exist, but, of not much use to anyone. And then we evolve, we learn, we gain knowledge, we gain confidence and with that, we gain shape, we gain size, we gain weight and ultimately the shapeless “US” slowly transforms into somebody with some shape, some characteristics, some distinction.

But, we have to be careful. Life is brittle. Life is not easy. I won’t say that this will be the only way but achieving perfection since the beginning might be a major setback too. So, first we have to concentrate on shaping ourselves and leaving behind the amorphous form. After getting some random shape, we can try to give a definite or a proper shape to ourselves.

About the blogger: I am Darshith Badiyani, blogger at Smiles here & Smiles there. I am an IT professional who also loves to making YouTube videos on Motivational topics. You can check my YouTube channel @ Darshith Badiyani. I am a life coach too and have helped several people discover the true meaning of life and live stress-free.


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