Stir Your Heart #LIFEatitsBEST

What if you have a broken heart? It’s still beautiful. What if your tears refuse to stop flowing? Your puffy eyes are still gorgeous. What if you do not sleep anymore? Your dreams are still on their way. What if someone you loved dearly didn’t care? There are many others who still love you the same. Go up to them and you shall be embraced with equal measure of endearment. You shall be held and taken care of.

What if life seems to go downhill. Try to stand tall for yourself. What if your confidence frizzles away? Close your eyes. Meditate. And you are at peace. What if your dreams are splintered? There are many more dreams on your way. All you need to do is, sit back, contemplate, prioritize and work on them wholeheartedly. Sprinkle the fairydust of your smiles. Do you realize how pleasing it is? Not until you look at yourself with love.

What if you loose faith in yourself? You must be strong. ‘Cz, that remains the only option. Hold the fort of your soul. It deserves to grow. Pamper yourself with all the love. Learn to love yourself. That’s the only exit for dauntingness. Never feel left out? Your friends will always support you. Hold you. Come to your aid in the times of necessity.

Did you try spending time with family? Home is the warmest place to gain back momentum. Cuddle up in your favorite spot. Spend hours doing nothing. Run around mom in the kitchen. Learn mom’s signature recipes. Paint the unfinished canvas. Read your favorite books. Fall in love with Darcy and Roark. Yet again. Perfection is cliché. Be the imperfect person you used to be once.

I would not say it’s easy. Saying that would be like living in denial. It certainly is arduous. The pain you would go through is immense and I second you on that. However, try. The first step is most difficult. Don’t worry about rest of the world. It’s about you afterall. Your life, your dreams, your smiles, your passion, your identity, your being. Stir your heart. Give it the slot for it’s own upswing. The world would seem to be much finer and bewitching.

So, spread the wings of your happiness as far as you can. And just fly, without any bonds.



Dipanwita Chakraborty is a business consultant by profession and an avid blogger by passion. She mostly writes about life and it’s many facets and most of her expressions are in the form of poetry. She has had her poems published in Writer’s Ezine and is a regular columnist for City Scroll, a monthly newsletter for Rotaract Club of Mumbai Ghatkopar. She loves to travel and trekking is her first love. She also publishes her travel stories on Tripoto. To experience her world, do visit her blog Cocktails, Mocktails And Life.



9 thoughts on “Stir Your Heart #LIFEatitsBEST

  1. beautiful post… Heartbreaks don’t define us and we learn it sooner or later. Taking the few baby steps to go ahead and live are the most crucial.. loved the details you have paid attention to. keep it up 🙂


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