How to Live a Healthy and Happy Life?

We all want to live a healthy and happy life. But to achieve the same is not that easy. In order to achieve that, we all need the life at its best, which normally is not the case with many. Here is my blog on how to live a healthy and happy life and this is a contribution in #LifeatitsBest, a motivational series by 10 motivational authors and bloggers on this blog. Fortunately, I too found myself among the one out of those 10.


In order to live a healthy and happy life, you first need to identify things which matter the most in your life. Like for me the happiness of my little daughter means a lot, and above all the smile on the face of my better half means everything. Once you can be able to identify the things which bring happiness in your life, you can then fix ways and targets to achieve them.

How to Live a Healthy Life?

We all want to live a healthy life, but unfortunately because of the lifestyle which we are living we don’t get a chance to look for our own body. Here are a few tips which might help you to get a healthy life:

Stress Management

I am aware that stresses are the essential part of our life nowadays. Stress is one of the reasons behind the diseases like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, etc. We cannot imagine a life without stress, but yes the thing which we can do is to manage stress properly so that it cannot hamper our life.

To manage stress, the best tips which I can give you is to find out the thing which can be your stress remover. It could be anything like spending time with kids, or elderly people, spending time with your family, reading books (read on benefits of reading), watching a sport which you love, watching movies, spending time with your loved one, etc.

The other thing which can also help you in removing stress from your life is to become organized and punctual in your life. This will simply save so much of time and worries in your life.

Do Some Exercise

Although I myself don’t get time to do exercise, but I normally try to have a walk of around 40 minutes on a daily basis, this is something which can help you to stay fit. I do understand that getting time for exercise in the busy schedule is very difficult, but to live a healthy life we must need some time for our body as well.

Try to have a balanced diet in your life, also try to maintain the timings of your breakfast, lunch, and dinner and it will surely help you to become fit.

Take Care of Your Mental Health

When we say a healthy life, normal perception is of living a fit life, but mental health is also crucial. Peace of mind is very much required in living a healthy and happy life. To be very honest, if you are feeling sadness, loneliness, or of the similar types of thing, the best you can do is to surround yourself with people who always had a positive thinking. It is something which will make you comfortable in your life.

Enhance Your Relationships

If you are into a bad relationship, you will never feel the happiness in your life, no matter how good your life is. A positive relationship will make you happier and less stressed in your life, the way I am living my life.

If you are surrounded by negative minded people in your life, you will always feel unhealthy and unhappy in your life. Try to spend quality times with your loved ones, so that they should also feel the happiness.

Similarly at your workplace too, you should try to improve relationships with your colleague. Although once I had a very bad experience in doing so, but those are some exceptional cases in our life, we should ignore such small things in our life.

Try to give some time on spiritual things as well, as it will help you to remain happy in your life.

How to Live a Happy Life?

That was all about how to live a healthy life, and now let us discuss how to live a happy life:

Appreciate Others

Try to thanks others and appreciate for small-small things which they do for you. This will not only make them happy but you will also feel the happiness.

Don’t Expect Much

Don’t expect anything from others, try to do your own part in your life and forget about it. Although, saying it is much difficult than following it in life, but I have realized that doing it is also not that much difficult.

Avoid Comparisons with Others

If you start comparing anything, you will never feel the happiness. Try not to measure your life against someone else’s. As none of our fingers are of same nature, similar is the case with the human being too. We all are different having different caliber and nature, so how can we compare two different things?

Enjoy Your Life

No matter what, but the life which we are living is still better than many others in this universe. When you will go through other’s life you will realize that our life is still better compared to many other’s life. So try to enjoy the life which you had. Try to go out stations, try to see the sun rise sometimes, try to see the sunset sometimes, try to see the full moon some night, try to spend some time with kids, try to play with kids sometimes, and you will feel quite better.

How to Live a Healthy and Happy Life?

To conclude the blog on how to live a healthy and happy life, let me suggest you some tips which I implement on my own life and try to make and live #LifeatitsBest:

Every Day is a New Day

To be very honest, every day is a new day, let’s start fresh on each day. To continue the problems of yesterday will make your today worse. It is better to start the same problem with a fresh solution on today. If things are not going the way you want, let’s take a break and start a fresh fight against life.

Identify Your Passion

Having a passion in your life, or having a purpose in your life will make your life the best life. Try to identify the passion in your life, like I do have the feeling for blogging. Frankly speaking, I am writing this blog after a gap of few years, and I cannot express the happiness which I am getting at the moment.

Similarly, you can have some other passion, try to find the same and spend some time on that as well.

Set Goals

Try to set small-small targets in your life, it will certainly make your life happier and healthier when you will start achieving them. Goal Setting can be useful in all areas of your life.

Be Honest

Try to be honest, especially with yourself. I am not saying that you should be dishonest to others, but first, if you will try to be honest with yourself only then you can be honest with others as well.

Accept Yourself

If you want to live a healthy and happy life, the best thing which you can do is to accept yourself the way you are.

Make a List of Your Strengths

Many people will tell you to look for things which we don’t like in ourselves. Instead, I would suggest you to make a list of your strengths. This will help you to remain positive in your life and to determine your real values to you.


In order to make your life healthy and happy and to bring change in your life, you need to be the force that drives changes. Try to be a bit proactive in your life and form some new habits, which can help you to live a healthy and happy life.

Author Bio: Alok Vats is an SEO/SMO by profession and a Blogger by choice. He is the owner of the blogs like I News India and Tech Acid, and possesses over twelve years of experience as a Search Engine Optimizer. He also possesses over nine years of experience as a blogger.

Prior to writing fiction stories he has also written book in non-fiction category. Basically he self-published one book on “Guest Blogging” as well. He normally blog on topics like Self Improvement, Blogging Tips, SEO, Relationships Advices, etc.

Whenever he gets time other than sharing blogging tips on his blog, he use to read books. He loves sharing his knowledge to the world through his blogs.

He can be reached at:



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