Hope Never Dies  #LIFEatitsBEST  ( A Motivational Series )

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We have heard the saying many times about the dog being a persons best friend. But so often we dont realize to what extent this loyal animal`s unconditional love can go exactly. I heard the following story many times, told in many ways, but each and every time it brought a tear to my eyes, reminding me about long-forgotten values. Values that should be cherished and maintained.

 There was once a man, who loved his dog. They went on long walks along the beach, and every night the man would read a story to his companion. Rex would never leave his side, and they didnt need the rest of the world. Because, for them, the whole world consisted of only them and they made each other happy. Their bond was so strong that when the man died of old age, his dog cried bitterly for days. And when the mans neighbour decided to take the poor animal under her wings, the dog was reluctant to leave the house. It was only when his owner was finally taken away and laid to rest that he was willing to move from his mourning spot.


He was well looked after in his new home, and the woman who adopted him loved him deeply. He had children around him constantly to play with, and he seemed to be getting slowly better. But since the first day, he would disappear for a few hours every day.

 His new owner didnt understand what was going on, so one day she followed Rex, only to be shocked to see that he would sit in front of his old owners door for hours, waiting for his friend to come home. He must have known that his friend wasn`t coming back, but still he just sat there with a sad look on his face. He would jump at every sound, wiggling his tail happily, only to sit back afterwards, disappointed. But he never gave up.

 Whenever the woman tried to take Rex out for a walk herself, he would become stubborn, not wanting to leave the house. For him, going for a walk was so special, and something that he had shared with his friend only.


This is a story about unconditional love, one that never dies, not even when its subject no longer exists. But it`s much more than that. It shows us that no matter how tempting new experiences and friends can be, we should never forget our existing ones, either. 

Memories and our past help us become who we are, so we should always remember those who helped us along the way. 

Friendship and family are the only things that you need to live a happy life, and how to value these things and appreciate what we have.

About the writer :- 

Monish Chandan is a  Finance Consultant by choice and Lifestyle blogger by passion. He a debutante in modelling, He loves exploring  his own country , Amateur Chef, loves Music etc. He write blogs about his myriad experiences in Lifestyle,Food & Fashion. He is rated as one of the  top 15 personal bloggers in India and won food contests. To know more about his versatile lifestyle and latest posts, please visit  his blog www.monishchandan.com

I am so glad to host the  10 Day Motivational series titled as #LIFEatitsBEST .  This is our very first post from Monish Chandan . Hope you liked it and will imbibe the goodness in your life. 

Stay connecte with us as tomorrow Devangini M Chauhan will share the wisdom of parenting along with finding oneself in while raising our priceless tinytots !! 🙂

We are curiously waiting for ypur reviews , feedbacks amd suggestions. This presentation took a great and combine effort pf 10 people. We would like to hear a few words from you. 🙂


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