Do you want another LIFE for your DREAMS ??

It was wednesday today and I wished I could murder it somehow. Not only this , I day dreamed of killing all the week days without any mercy. ( Just weekends left then !! How romantic !! )
But sadly it was all in just dreams. Life , anyway , anyhow goes on . We all have to and have to live (actually survive) until our last breath. ( zindagi me aaye hain toh jeena hi padega!!)

Don’t you think we have ourselves made our life miserable ? We all from all corners of the world (oops!! The world has no corner , it is round. 😉 ) are constantly running in the same race , actually rat race.  The saddest part is that 90% of the crowd hugs death in the path itself. They never reach the destiny of that race . Are you too in that category ? Have you made all arrangements around you to convince you that life is not that sucking ? 

Personally , sometimes I hate evrything around ; feel like going back , taking birth again and reliving the life with a new way. ( kkkaaaasssshhhh !!!! )

How can we convince our soul that we have actually lived a life of purpose ?  By following our dreams ? By walking the path destined for us ? By accomplishing our purpose to take birth as a human and not any miserable creature from 84,00,000 lives ( as told my hindu mythology ) ?

If it so , then are why are we stuck behind money , fame , power and comfort  ? 

Life is not more beautiful than living your child’s childhood. It is not more beautiful then talking to your neighbour with a cup of chai someday rather than whatsapp !! What is the sense in being known by the world when your family doesnt know you at all because you never made time to hangout with them ?

 Life gave us a dream , which doesnt enters our mind in the night when we are almost unconscious. It knocks in day , in open eyes and mind. As it gave us that dream ,  it gave us the power  , the strength to pursue it. It had already set all the paths to reach the summit and has conspired with the world for our success. The only thing left to be done is our steps ahead with infinite belief.

It was wednesday and I desperately wanted to murder it only because it kept me engaged in some useless things. Useless because I dont value them for a satisfied living. They are just making me more unsatisfied.  It was  my job , my colleagues , my appointments and blah blah. 

Will I ever get peace in a biotech class when  history was calling me from inside ? Will my friend who is born to set standards in automobile engineering will enjoy the  MBA batch ? 

Then why are we pushed to it  ? The answer is simple and straight. Money -> comfort -> good status -> fame ->  ……………  I have left this blank because I really dont know whats next. I dont see any positive thing at all.

Not people get fame , money and etc etc ; they just fake it. And why do they fake it ? Because they actually want money , fame and etc etc. 

Have we cherished our dreams ? True dreams ? Not the ones we yell to the world through our facebook status . They all are again somehow a show off or  faking of money , fame and etc etc.

I want to kill the week days. They keep me engage in the race of money , fame and etc etc. I want to keep weekends. They are free . I pick up my real tastes . I do not fake it. I aspire the truth inside me. I dont run madly , badly and randomly for money , fame and etc etc.

I love weekends. Do you love them too ?  But as I cant kill the week days I need another life for my dreams . 😦

Do you need it too ?? 

Will we get it ? Are you sure to get this precious gift again ? Are you all sure ? 

I am not. 😦 


8 thoughts on “Do you want another LIFE for your DREAMS ??

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  2. So true Shraddha Ji. So true ! And that’s the biggest pain. Hence what we like to do, we should do it whenever possible (or whenever we are able to make it possible). There’s nothing more (and frequently) pinching phenomena than one’s life. Your thoughts echo those of billions of human-beings.

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  3. Bahot ho gaya iss janam ab aur dusra nehi….
    Your post is undoubtedly a strong one and you have raised a very good question but the problem is thought your post will surely be liked and loved by lots of people but they are helpless and little bit hopeless also, they are totally trapped in moving on(Not all obviously)
    if you ask about me…mera kya, mei to humesha waqt ke khilaaf hi jaata hoon…abhi tak jeet toh nahi paya par hara bhi nahi.

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    1. Hahahah. Thanks jyotirmoy for such a genuine feedback. But let me confess that i did not put up this post to give answer rather i just wanted to collect genuine feedbacks about tgis from people. So that in the midst of all those we all could find our way to be out of these traps. 🙂

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