When it’s BOLLYWOOD , It’s FOLLO.in.

Hey Indians (and sure bollywood fans ) !! Do you agree that in most parts of India we start our day with thst ‘bolly-masala’ AKHBAAR ?

Aah !! So exciting it is to read that page 3 column !! 🙂

Now , I know (and you know too ) that B’town has a great influence on our lives. Their role have always been so crucial in entertainment and mass and social influencing.

A few days back , I was RE-watching my favourite movie ‘kuch kuch hota hai ‘ (some 150+ times I have watched it) and luckily (or accidently) I stumbled upon a post from missmalini.com telling 10 secrets from the movie. (Ssshhhh !! I’ l tell you too . Come closer !! )

1. The role of TINA was initially offered to other actresses. But all of them rejected it. 

2. The role of salman khan was also offered to saif ali khan initially.

3. Gulzar refused to write the lyrics of the movie songs.

4. The role of kajol was also offered to juhi chawla but she refused.

5. Karan johar basically combined two different scripts and presented as one movie. That is basically two halves of K2H2.

Soooooo , Isn’t this all exciting to know?? Yess ofcourse it is to know. 

We all have absorbed bollywood as a part of our lives . We live for these celebrities. Aur jinke hum fan h , unke baare me SAB KUCH pata hona to MUST hai.  Thus we see around us plenty of portals and sites flashing latest , hotest , coolest  , and blah blah- est on their sites . 

But let me tell you , WHEN IT’S BOLLYWOOD , IT’S FOLLO.in.

#follo , #follocelebs , #folloconnects, #sayswho 

Follo.in brings all the latest , hotest and all blah blah – est actively to us. May it be Breakup , shakeup , tieup or packup !! All that MIRCHI – MASALA is on one place.   Follo.in  not only tells about gossips but latest movie releases , budgets , markets  and soooo much more. 

Follo.in gives us a wide span of celebrity updates. From television to cinema from bolly ,  tolly and all woods it brings latest GUPSHUP and INFORMATION.

B20 , Featured gallery are some of it’s site’s most visited  links. Not thus much at all. Play quiz for your favourite celeb and win exciting prizes.

So B’town followers , FOLLO your fav. celebs , connect with them and know all from the  bollywood right in your phone. 


Follo social handles 
FB – Follocelebs 
Twitter – @Follocelebs 
YouTube – Follocelebs 


6 thoughts on “When it’s BOLLYWOOD , It’s FOLLO.in.

    1. Yessssss !!! And I love it so much that can go for more !! I habe also seen HUM SATH SATH HAIN and KABHI KHUSHI KABHI GUM manyyyy times and still love them.

      Which is your fav movie ?

      Liked by 1 person

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