It’s all about Relationships !!

Love is a feeling of butterflies. On the other hand, Relationships are beautiful coordinations.

But is it necessary that we find both together in all conditions ? Unfortunately , sometimes we find love without relationships and sometimes relationships without love.
Inspite of all this life goes on. We keep meeting new people , make new bonds and break a few.

Don’t you believe that giving dates and relationships more chances are all necessary to finally meet our soul mate or perfect match ? Sadly ,  Not all people are blessed with first perfect Love.

Faulty or broken relationships are not placed there by god to sit back , feel lonely and shed tears for. They are simply life experiences giving us a clearer view of our preferences and attitudes.  Most relationships end with a sad note , abruptly or with a lot of pain , but it is our moral duty for oneself to stand more strengthened armed with memories of good times and crucial lessons of that phase of life.

LOVE can enter many times in your life, only if its real meanings are understood. Love never directs to bind, attach or occupy. Love is liberating. It gives freedom, Independence, strength and vision.

Only the right type of chemicals can combine to give the desired fragrance. Similarly , those who can fit to each other like lock and key , can make a great pair. But for that we need to find our compatible combination.  So Is it wrong to hunt for that one ? Sadly in this journey we need to tell a few people that their gaps were not the ones , you could fit in. Then why be over ethical ??

Most Indian mothers  will insist in the theory of adjustments and cooperation. Is it correct ? Should we just go blind , marry or propose anybody and start wasting all our life adjusting to make the right type of combination ? And after some constant failures start calling it our faith .

I can hear the sounds of some heart saying that problems can arise with the person we  took a lot of efforts to choose for oneself. The answer is  that , that it is a different case  and  there can be many reasons behind a failed relationship. But failure in this kind of relationship will never give us a feeling of regret of not trying or giving our efforts.  Even if it fails , it will not leave us that dis-satisfied.

Coming back, Let me summarise what I wanted to share. Relationships are ways to find our compatible key. Even if they fail , they leave us with much clear self understanding. People are made to fit in each other. We need to find our match. Not everyone you meet is for you and vice-versa. It is fact to be sweetly accepted . Let us not play the blame game for failures till now. It is all a journey and it is still on . 

Only the right type of chemicals can combine to produce soothing fragrance. Only we can find that with more chances and no regrets 🙂


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10 thoughts on “It’s all about Relationships !!

  1. i have so much to say on this….first of all its a good writing indeed.
    there are so many dimensions in life sometime you have to choose a path in which you never thought to be a walker, sometime its kismat ka khel, sometime you have to make adjustment with your fate. sometime….

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  2. Very well said. Everybody (at least in India) is not fortunate enough to follow it. There are many kinds of constraints one has to cope with (because they are hard to get rid of). The philosophy is exemplary all the same. Lucky (and sensible) are those who are able to tread this path. Hearty compliments for a very nice write-up

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    1. True it is that people everywhere are not so liberal in terms of relationships. They
      quickly take it to other direction.
      Thanku so much for reading and dropping your feedback.
      Lots of wishes.


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