If this was my last day on earth ?? :(

Its all in the dream…….

It is my last day on earth , tomorrow I will be heading to heaven without my skeleteon , muscles , heart , brain. My skin and hair that I pampered so much for perfection will not accompany me. My wealth , my dear mother and my favourite playlist will not come along. That will be a new unknown journey.

So whatever I possess on earth ,I have to cherish it here itself.

Its 7’o clock………..

The clock is striking 7 . I have 24 hours from now. I am confused ! What is all that , that i should do today  ?  Since these 20 years on earth I have believed in a habit of planning first and executing then !!  Thus I will be doing the same for my last day.

The last plan……

. Telling all the important people how much i love them . With family , all my dear friends , and my mentors , I will spend 5- 10 minutes and express my love . I will laugh with them , pamper them , and join them in their problems which i used to avoid previously and took for granted. Thanks to social media , I can reach far off people in minutes.

2. I will enjoy what i have in front of me. I will not cry for the next hour’s party and spoil the one I am already in. I will surely not miss the stars above my roof and travel 1300 km to see them and etc etc. Now, I wonder why I avoided small things around me and serched them outside?

3. I will write to the world the essence of my life. I remember that I ‘ve read a no. Of books in search of some purest wisdom . But today on my last day I will pour out my heart to the world . I will squeeze my  sponge of life and put in that essence for the people around so that they can make it of some use.

4. I will sit on my home and feel my belongings. Instead of  wandering to the places just to fulfil my last wishes , I would rather sit in my home and feel the things. Talk to those clothes , those pictures on wall , that beautiful garden I used to forget to care for , my family and mates.

5.I will smile the entire day. 

6. I will Thank people around me. For all our life we rarely thank our parents and siblings for being a part of us. We quarrel , get angry and ignore each other often. But for this last day I will tell them how important their role was.
7. I will taste a new cuisine or the one I hated. 

8. I will do the biggest thing that I always avoided out of my comfort zone. 

 ( This is a case of fiction couples with my creative thoughts. But I request all my readers to really wonder what all they will make up if it was their last day on earth ? 

I believe in dwelling in present and respecting souls that we have around us at present. We never know at what moment, what sentence may be left incomplete !! 😦 

You are requested to share you thoughts on this and  also to do all that they have not done since a long time in this pacing life .

Wishes and love.


8 thoughts on “If this was my last day on earth ?? :(

    1. Haha.. yeah !! All of us will get into same panicky situation for a moment if we get know which is our last day… 😉
      Thanks to u too maniparna for being an active contributor.


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