A new journey demands your first step ( 5 ways to live life to the fullest )

For the journey of miles , we first need to take that one step out of our homes. Stepping out from our warm , comfortable homes seems to be a tough job .  But no bird can fly in the sky without leaving its nest !!  Now , you may feel that all these theories are already known to you. You are actually looking for a few practical ways to beat your boredom and laziness. You are actually looking for that one spark , which will speed you up for your destiny. 

But always remeber a very wise saying which says that its necessary to visualise your aim but with one eye focused on destiny , we are left with only one to concentrate on the path towards it  !!  one should always give whole of ourselves to what we are doing or learning in present.

Today let me share with you some really practical ways to get your life going once again !! 

Here we go !! 

1 . Find what you really live for !!  Nobody can do this for you. You have to get up , open your eyes and look for that one thing for which your heart beats. It can be anything from being a perfect father to a  millionare. Search it out for yourself.
2. Have a dream book !!  Dream book ! sounds an act of some school kid but trust me it is no insanity. 

Set your dream book. Pen down all those things that you wish to do.  write all that you want from life. Give life to your book by pasting some pictures  , writing commitments amd setting deadlines. Make sure you do not copy somebody. keep it original . Take your time but let it be you. Also , go through that book once in a day or on alternate days surely. I bet you aill feel motivated and energised.
3. Shake your life a bit regularly .  you must be thinking , “whats this ??” Wait !! let me explain it for you. By this statement i mean that ince you have decided what you want and all the things you wish to do , then start taking some risks. Go beyond your comfort ,  cross the borders of your practicality . But all this should not be done at once . you need to do a little bit everyday. For eg , If you are a banker but in your dream book you wish to be a singer  then  forget some of your job fears and join a singing class. I dont mean that you leave your job and start playing guitar all day long but just devote some time from your schedule without being afraid of your job deadlines and other factors.
4. Remember , you are never too old to chase and live your dream. For most people the biggest issue is that they think they are no longer eligible for their passion. This is nothing but a pure myth. we are never too old for our dreams. So dont ever tell yourself this silly lie.
5. Live this DAY .  By this i mean that begin a new day by setting goals for that day. set deadlines. Make sure you  increase the difficulty level. Make aure you cross your comfort zone a bit more than the previous . Reward yourself for good results . Once you are used to this To -Do list technique , you will be amazed to see rhat enormous amount of  things done by you in that same time which you once spent sleeping.

so friends here are 5 simple techniques to bring back that liveliness in your life.  

Now as you have read it , follow it and live full !! 

wish you luck !! 🙂


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