Its Time to Get Up and Do !!

Everything is going well , just like we imagined and suddenly one moment life throws a googly !! 

Then ?? 

we sit blank with absolutely no idea of what’s next ? It all seems to be a consequence of past thing and regrets fill our mind. A single failure in our past seems to be the reason of all that which is happening today.  

Expectations are all around us and the biggest fact is that we can never throw them out of our lives because we too expect a lot of things from people around us and similarly they do. 

Buy when it comes to disappointing the hopes of our loved ones we loose ourselves totally. we loose our passion , our zeal , confidence , beliefs too. Everything starts to be negative. The post failure circumstances are worse. we constantly think that whatever is happening to us is all because we failed in that particular thing. Thoughts , absolutely negative , take over ! The remaining hope and scope of doing something starts going down.

But life can never be static. It will be keep moving until death comes. Till the time our life clocks are moving we have to constantly work on. we cannot stop because if we will stop , we will be pushed far back and again travelling from there is terrible !! But whatever the case is , we just cannot stop till the time our life clock is running.  so why not leave all that worry and hopelessness. Its difficult . Yes it is really !! But when it comes to choose between walking in the the roads of life without zeal and courage and starting a journey again with new smiles and passion. We all know the the latter one is better. 

Begin this journey exactly from the point where you are. Change that moment. Turn it into smiles. plan up your idea. Get your steps ready for that plan and then just DO.

Because Its Time to Get up and DO.


5 thoughts on “Its Time to Get Up and Do !!

  1. I just stumbled upon this post and I genuinely think it’s really inspiring. Sometimes, shits really do come straight to our face but we got to do what we have, right?


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