Two minutes please !!

Early in the morning

Mum came shouting

Kicked  me and said”its too late”

And i said mum ,2 minutes please.

Pushed into the bus,

By the bus stop rush,

The conductor asked for money

And i said sir ,2 minutes please.

The enraged boss yelled at me

Where’s the file i gave you to see?

Get out !!  and make it complete

And i said boss, 2 minutes please.

Come on! Shraddha its already eight

You’l miss the last bus to your place

And in the dark; its not safe

And i said maria ,2 minutes please.

Dragging myself to the apartment gate,

Stepped wrong and fell flat on face

People said” get up ,you are blocking the way”

And i said; 2 minutes please.


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