simple ways to build self confidence

Hello everyone ! Self confidence in recent times is a much needed trait in one’s personality. We all know what confidence do to us. It makes us eligible for various life opportunities and let us stand off the que .

Having a strengthened self confidence is a quiet difficult task for some peeps as constant failures or mishaps pull it down to earth.

But we constantly need to boost our self esteem and self confidence to face this world and start a new journey.

Here I have collected some simple points for all of you to work upon and feel strenghthened from inside .

1. DRESS WELL :-  Clothes certainly dont make a man but they make that man feel good about himself. Feeling good and positive about oneself is the first step to a better representation.

You dont need to know the latest trends but just dress clean and smart. From dressing smart I mean to:-

*Dress up in clean clothes.

*Wash and tie your hair neatly.

*Dont over do with accessories.

2. BODY POSTURE :-  A good body posture not only gives you a better feeling about yourself but generates the same in the other person’s mind.  For body postures all you need to do is :-

1. Sit with a back straight .If you cannot then simply fold your back a little but dont over do it as ut will look wierd . If you cannot keep your back straight its good to choose a place where you can have some support for your back.

2. Walk straight and fast with your head raised straight  . 

3. Make eye contact with the person but makes sure you dont end up staring at them and make them uncomfortable. For this , move your eyes a little here and there while having a cinversation and then again make a contact.

3. KNOW YOURSELF :- For a charged self confidence you need to know yourself the best.  once you are totally updated with your inner self , you can surely move mountains. For this all you need to do is :-

* Know your fears . If these fears are some serious ones and associated with some object or event then dont push yourself to overcome them. accept them as your trait. But if you have simple fears like failures , communication then try overcoming them. Tell yourself that this surely not so much big to stop you .

* Get out of your comfort zone :- Dont procastinate things just bcause you feel lazy or lethargic. Give your body and some strict instructions to get up amd work. Remeber No pain No gain !!

*Be yourself :- Love yourself , accept yourself and dont ever try to copy some one. But always keep some space and excitement to learn some new and positive habits .

* Forgive yourself :- In tough times and failures ,  dont keep criticsing yourself. Pamper  yourself a bit and forgive like a kind mother does to her child. Learn a lesson and work to improve. Dont sit back and keep hurting yourself with negative thought and actions.


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