Must have cosmetics for your bag girls !!

Cosmetics !! makeup !! This !! That !! Pretty girls there is so much for us to do !! yeah ??

So all the divas out there , I have summarised the makeup essentials for your bag. You can carry them everywhere with you. even if you are a newbie to makeup and cosmetics , you can take it as a beginners thing !

So divas !! lets get going !!

Lets divide the stuff in four sections :-


 2. Eyes

 3. Lips


1. FACE :- The face is the first thing to flaunt with really spotless and glowing skin. I understand that in this era of pollution and chemicals its hard to keep skin flawless but girls that all what we have got makeup for !! So chill down !! For face always carry in your bag two things :-

 * Primer :- It is a great base . It hides those lines and pores on your skin. It gives a smooth texture which looks really great on every skin tone. It simply creates a clear smooth skin look.

 * Cream base foundation :- This is very easy to apply and leaves a glowing effect on skin. Make sure you dont end up buying any brand as poor brands do not provide that good result. They just make it look oily and ugly white. But a cream base foundation  from some good brand really gives total effect for atleast 5 hours or even more.

2. EYES :- ohh !! Those pretty eyes !! yess eyes need to be perfect because they really matter in your personality. people notice your eyes and a good eye makeup alters complete personality outlook. That is why we have got a wide range of eye makeup variation.

so for eyes i suggest :-

*Eyeliner :- Applying simple eyeliner can make your eyes and features look really apreciable than earlier ones. Eyeliner is a must no matter you apply a kajal or not. But make sure you dont apply very thick liner if you already have those pretty big eyes as eyeliner makes your eyes look bigger and doing so will end up making your eyes look  extra big than normal. Eyeliner is a  great choice for girls who think they have small eyes.

* Waterproof mascara :- Girls a good lash curler or simple mascara can make your eyes lashes look denser and smarter. It gives a total effect of pampered eyes which look great in person and pictures.

3. LIPS :- For lips it is mandatory that they always remain supple and soft. No lines , no wrinkles , no dryness !! For simple lip care and makeover I suggest  :-

* LIP BALM :-  Always apply and reapply a lip balm for lip care. You can go a step forward and choose color lipbalms that give a shade like lipstick on application.

* LipGloss :- A lip gloss is a must for college girls and others can also apply it for shiny pink lips. It gives a glossy effect to lips with or without shades.

4. Accessories :-  when it comes to accessories something which I always take care about is a good watch. A watch sets a style statement in the niche.  But apart from it  you can go for a forever trendy metallic bracelet !! Also try out some chain bracelets which usually works with all kind of dresses. 


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