Fairytales ?? yes ! yes ! we all have … :)

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Do you believe in fairytales ? I do. 

It feels like something so pretty -pretty, sweet-sweet. Yeah ? When we think of fairytales, it takes us to some cloudy space . White clouds below , clear blue sky above, white horse , charming prince and ofcourse a beautiful golden hair princess.

Its a little difficult for men to accept that they believe in fairytales or dream of any one such but girls very easily show their pink blushes and glittering eyes on this topic.       ( Aww !! How cute !!)

Romance , action , drama , Romance and happy ending. Whoa! Give a big round of applause as you see with your blur watery eyes the couple on a white horse fleeing away !!

But wait !! There are no horse on our twenty first century black roads. Then ? Then ?

Dont be sad !! Lets talk of some modern day fairytales.                     Yes !! Yes!! They exist. I believe that they do exist because if we literally look at themeaning of this word  it depicts something unimaginable , unexpected to happen and entirely unbelievable .

And yes there are moments in our lives when we had no hope and scope of something of this kind to happen but it happens and when it happens, we are on the top this world. Our happiness have no limits , we feel special , we fell extraterrestrial !!

Ohh!! Hooo!! Now in this century when somebody holds your hand in your struggles without asking you to repay then smile because your fairytale has begun. When somebody makes you cheerup on those boring and exhausting hours then smile because its no less than a fairytale and a prince or princess charming.

In this century when you have no hope of meeting somebody apart from ypur niche , suddenly somebody drops from outerspace ( i dont mean moon or stars !! Okay !! ) and enters your life like a happy signal then smile because its your time to feel special and white gown princess.

When they come , they hold you , they wat to understand you , know you , they beleiev you , they love you , then again give a big cheers because its really your fairytale and you may not be having a white horse and clouds around but have the same feeling of being special , different and meaningful !!

Fairytales may not always be a lovestory. Anybody can be a fairy in anybody’s life and may be unknowingly !!  Do you wish to necome somebody’s fairy ? Are you already somebody’s fairy ? Or do you have a fairy in your life ? Ponder and conclude. Decide to be somebody’s fairy. Decide to spread a smile. Be a fairy to a roadside champ. Spread a smile in some hungry eyes !! There are a lot of people waiting for the angel within you. Be an angel for yourself.

Relax and thank if you have an angel around. Live , laugh and love for your fairytale !! Yes!! yes !! They exist. See in yourself. It exists !! 🙂

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