​ Is your love Addiction  or Meditation ??

 Is your love Addiction  or  Meditation ??

Love is a feeling of butterflies , both in and out our body. Seven seas , endless sky , ample colors all seems to be just around us.  All those who are or once have been , exactly recognise these words. yess i know you do.

Eyes glitter , heart bounces , smile becomes stagnant and mind flies.

Such is a feeling of love .  I know guys you had it once !! 🙂  I know you all are giving that shy smile. 🙂



Love is beyond all limitatioms , above all ethics , ahead of all other rituals. 

It is blind for discriminations , deaf for social norms and handicapped for the chains of communalism.

Adolescence seems to have a broken relationship with patience. 😦

 And so our teenagers are more hurried for affairs. No blame to them as such is the age and body complications. This period teaches a lesson for life. Few get their lifetime partners and others get a valuable lesson. But nothing is of waste.

But how is your love ? Is it addiction or meditation ?


Love has no limits. It is deeper than the ocean and higher than the seven skies. It is faster than wind and as steady as  plant. It is soft as a flower and strong as a mountain.

But again i ask – how is it ? 

Are you lost in love ? So are all. 

No worries for it. But has your love become addiction ?

If it is so then drive your love cart to the path of meditation.

Both are mandatory.

 Both demands you. 

Both mould you.

 Both directs you. 

Both satisfy you.

 Both cherish you. 

Both provoke you .

 Both support you.

 Both brings thoughts.

 Both empower dreams .

 Both give strength.

But do you know the difference ?

Addiction leads to death and meditation leads to enlightement.

Thus if you define , feel or express your love as addiction then change it now. As what you say is what you think and what you think is what you do and what you do is what you get results of.

surprised ? Shocked ? Or nothing ? 

No !! dont force your facial muscle for making expressions  , just sit in a corner and ponder. How is your love ? So you do it as addiction ? And if you then jump up and switch it to meditation. As positive speech leads to positive thoughts and thereby to positive actions , which are surely gonna bring positive results.

As the end of addiction is death but the end of meditation is enlightment !!


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