On this seventh day of july

  On this seventh day of july

Twenty !! Sounds exciting , mature and a little responsible. I was born in this month of rains and rainbows. Dripping drops wash away all the our dirt , tears and vain. What remains is a clearer vision , a constant melody of nature and purest air of all times.

Today when I am turning twenty I cant stop myself flowing with the thoughts. I remember old times when only boomers , candles , cakes , friends and delicious food mattered. I remeber that from two months before the birthday , I was all set with a long list of things to buy. That list was everything !!! Like a prime minister’s cabinet list or a sensex report.  I would ammend it a thousand times . Add , cut , change , increase , decrease a number of things and the pleasure that it gave was incredible. 

But as we grow up , we still feel excited for candles , cakes and boomers but they are not that crucial now. We  change. We grow. We realise. Emotions take over. Party setups and delicious food become secondary. 
What comes first is self satisfaction , self growth and happiness . 

I cant bet how many of you really make a committment to your self on birthdays or visualise the rest coming year. I dont know how many of you make some resolutions to overcome your own weaknesses and failures. I tried of doing it . Though after a few months I was unable to keep up with the resolution but still i tried .

Birhdays are no more just about partying and having fun. They come and go with a lot other things.  On this seventh day of july , I wish to collect all the strength from peoples wishes and love . I wish to resloute life at its best. I wish  to put aside all my failures and start over again with a new number 20.

Thanku for reading. 


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