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My Dream Man !!

Ummmmm……. (wait , I am thinking !!)

But wait !! Hold on !! ………..
All the batchelors out there !! Dont get excited as this is not a post that will help you knowing a girl at all !!!
( Huh !! Men will always be Men !!)

Anyways ……….

OMG !! How many times I have dreamt of the qualities I want in my Partner  . How many times my girl gang has done the same thing !! 🙂

This , That , Noooooo !!! This – This and That-That……Oh gosh !! It really tiring !!
So many things in the WANT and so many things in the DON’T-WANT . 😦

A normal girl :-  loving
                             Good looking

A down to earth girl :- Loves me
                                          Understands me

A sensitive girl :-    loving
                                   Intellectual ( knows what to say and doesnt hurts her !!)


 A quirky girl like me :- passionate , ambitious , intellectual , intelligent , pampering …. etc etc etc
Blah blah blah blah blah blah…….
(The list would really wont end !! Uff !!)

Fairytales , girls , pink , dreams , teddys are all close friends.  They complete each other’s existence . Girls are actually very innocent ,  all their life they dream of the perfect Guy who will exactly fit in their  Mr. Right list but once they are with somebody they spread their arms to accept the person the way he is.  More to it , they willingly mould themselves according to Mr. PERFECT
( Who is actually not at all Mr. Perfect )

They are happy , They become satisfied.
But these Men will always be Men and keep blaming pretty creature ( ofcourse we girls !!) for shopping , calls , doubts , parties , etc etc…

But boys !! This is not something we do uselessly . This is something we have to !! It is really important !!

And How dare you guys ??
Do we gossip your faults with the world? No . We never. Once we share a our world with you , we forget ours and get absorbed into yours.

We the little princesses of our father’s kingdom in our teen years  keep figuring out exactly what is something that we want ?

Dream . Try . Experience . Conclude !!

But never reach a solution until our cute mothers finally land .

When they enter they teach only three things :-
1. Look for somebody who respects you and your dreams.

2. Look for somebody who can first be your bestfriend.

3. Look for somebody who can absorb your complete world like it was just his own.

The practical point of view :-

Well this all remains far behind with the pace of life. We meet somebody , wavelenghts match and we share our worlds. As I mentioned already that once we women are with somebody , we totally forget what we wanted? What we ever dreamt of ? We cherish the person who at that time stand beside us.
He becomes the king. He becomes love. His faults becomes ours . His ups and down too. Women  are such !! 🙂


Dear Men , please dont feel offended . Just feel proud to have a woman aside you. What she does for you ???  I dont think I need to remind !! Yeah ??


Note :-

Love all you readers !! Thanks for your immense love and support. Now an important note.
Since last two years I am very anarchic about blogging. But now I havr decide to keep it in a regular fashion which will surely make it simpler for you and me both !! Now I will update a new post every MONDAY and THURSDAY and nit any other random day !! 

So dont forget to check junksin every MONDAY and THURSDAY !! 


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