Mistakes can be a future investment to laugh !! :-)

Mistakes can be a future investment to laugh !! 🙂

I will be leaving my “teen” badge this 7 july. Two years earlier i left the school and got promoted to university of Biotechnology. My friends have the same story . Our parents thought we will become mature , responsible and leave all that “they dont understand ” fun. ( Hahaha, i thougt the same!!)  They were ready to forget everything we did in school and school life. ( pls dont over think !! I am just talking about little blunders that turned into atom bombs and blasted intensely over us!! But it was a thank god situation!!  ) . But to our own surprise we turned more wild , more insane and absolutely seemed to be of another world .

These are the days which after 15 years I will sit with my two tiny tots and say “Those were the days !! ” .

You too remember your school , your college ?? Right ?
Why wouldnt anybody be nostalgic for the most happy days of life ?

Mistakes !! We all do or become a part of. I too did many, actually MANY !!

But Now i realised that we dont need to be embarrassed or ashamed of what we did !! Mistakes can be made a future investment of laughter. Just like I sit and recall all those silly , stupid blunders that resulted in a great mess , I laugh really loud.  This is because I never ran away from facing them and taking their responsibilty led me to grow beyond them.  The credit is surely given to my parents.

Three things that I did or was taught so were :-
1. Accept that I did.
3. Remeber it with the lesson along.

The third was never my part because my parents are extremely good at making you learn a lesson for all your life !!  (Parents are always too smart !!)

But the first two things that I did , lead me to overcome my guilts and regrets.

My best friend had a tagline ‘ Dont repeat the same mistake ! Do some new.’  He would keep repeating it like a song all day and whenever we see any opportunity we would give a cunning smile , stumble upon and end up at some blunders !! ( sacchii !!! we actually never knew what the results will be. We just did . We found something new for fun and so hopped upon. )

School , friends , blunders , was all fun. The entire life can also be. Why waste the future for the regrets of past ? Fear not , in making mistakes. Just accept them , apologise and remeber !! Make them your laughter bank. After years later you can roll on laughing remembering what you did once !!

If I tell you my list of stupidities , you will seriously stop reading me and conclude that shraddha is the silliest person in the world.( Thank god !! You will never know all of them 🙂 . But I stand more strenghtened now . I have learnt many lessons which leads much clear vision of life now !!
We all stand more strong after mistakes and learn a lot and so dare not to care and just do it once !!

Do mistakes. Learn. Live life. Love yourself and ( ME TOOOOO !!)

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