Datsun redi GO

Datsun redi GO

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross – Datsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

Yippeee !! The car for the perfect busy loving Mom ,  also the car for the kinda buddy sharing and the car for some family time is about to be launched. 

Excited for the multipurpose and flamboyant Datsun redi -GO ?? Yeah ! Yeah !! Why wouldnt you be ? Its a matter to be excited. Afterall the most economic and enegetic car can be at your home !! 🙂

 So , lets just have a look to the new Datsun redi GO !! Whoo !! Hoo !!!

The much-awaited Datsun rediGo hatchback will be launched in India on June 7, 2016. The company has already started dispatching the vehicle to its dealerships across the country. 

 The company has also revealed that its small car will come in 5 colour options – White, Ruby Red, Silver, Lime and Bronze Gray.

It will rival the likes of Maruti Alto and the Hyundai Eon and is speculated to be slightly cheaper than the Renault Kwid.

The car is really worth taking interest and investing some money. I can give you many reasons to take this car home. 

Lets us count some at our fingers.
Here we go 🙂

Expected Datson Redi Go India price list –

The first reason is ofcourse the price. Because afterall money matters all. But if you look at the price of this car you will surely be amazed . Nissan datsun redi GO offers you the luxury and comfort of some expensive cars in just your budget.
Model Ex-Showroom Price
Datson Redi Go D INR 2.50 Lakhs
Datson Redi Go A INR 2.95 Lakhs
Datson Redi Go A EPS INR 3.30 Lakhs
Datson Redi Go T INR 3.45 Lakhs
Datson Redi Go T Option INR 3.90 Lakhs

Datsun Redi Go Engine Specs-
  • Engine – 0.8 L, Three Cylinder Petrol
  • Maximum Power – 54 PS
  • Peak Torque – 72 Nm
  • Transmission – 5-speed Manual
  • Ground Clearance – 185 


  • In terms of dimensions, the Redi-GO is shorter but taller than the Kwid. The wheels are placed at the absolute edge of the bodywork. The tall stance results in an airy cabin that seems spacious enough for 4 passengers.

  • Datsun Redi Go Mileage

The  second reason is the mileage of the car. What more you want if you get this ?? 🙂

The Datsun Redi Go India spec model is very high on fuel mileage. It may be noted that just like the Kwid, the Redi Go returns an impressive fuel mileage of 25.17 km/l. Since it will share its engine and transmission options with the Kwid, it will be powered by the 0.8 L petrol engine that churns out 54 PS and 72 Nm. Akin to cars like the Maruti WagonR, the upcoming model could also go on sale with LPG and CNG variants in the near future.

Datsun Redi-Go Mileage

Datsun Redi-Go 0.8-litre Petrol City – 20 kpl
Highway – 25 kpl
ARAI – 25.17 kpl

2016 Datsun Redi Go Interior

My third reason is the beautiful interiors of the car. It feels great with a car of flamboyant interiors. 

Unlike the very stylish exterior, the interior of the Redi Go is also very distinct and flamboyant.
 It gets an unconventionally-styled dashboard that surely stands out. However, the Redi Go does get a covered glove compartment and stylish bits like a fancy speedo console. 
You also get acres of space (remember, this is an entry-level car). 
4 full grown adults can sit comfortably in the car and the Redi Go is definitely more spacious than the likes of the Maruti Alto. Even the boot space seems generous and considerably more than the Alto’s pint-sized boot. Datsun has used light shades for the interior of the Redi Go. 
This further makes the cabin feel roomier. Overall, I am really impressed with this car’s interior setup.
 I do feel that the new Datsun small car can hold a trump card or two due to the stylish exterior and a very spacious interior.
 The Kwid has finally got a challenger it seems


Datsun Redi Go Colours

Fourth reason ofcourse the color of my choice. We all love some specific colors madly and when we get them in our cars it feels terrific !!
The vibrant and lovely colors makes the car eye catchy !! 🙂

The Datsun Redi Go will go on sale in five colours-
  • Ruby Red
  • White
  • Silver
  • Lime Green
  • Grey

Now lets consider the safety of the car.
What About Safety?
The redi-GO does not get ABS with any variant even as an option, though you do get a driver-side airbag on the top-of-the-line-variant. I hope to see more safety tech being offered with the redi-GO at least as an optional extra.

 If i am gonna test this car , i will surely take this for my city Gwalior. 
The ups and downs , the curves and turns will all become smooth.
The traffic will be entertaining with the swifts and road crash will no more be bumpy !!
The steering wheel has a nice and sporty shape and the contours offer natural grip. 
The glass area is generous and so i will get  a great overall visibility.

No parking tentions in the crowded mall parking or the city baazar. This car will make all easier for me !! 🙂

 Lets hop on to this Datsun redi GO and experience the pleasure of urban drive !!

So should I buy one?

–  For the first-time buyer, who is thinking of upgrading to a car from a scooter or motorbike, the Datsun redi-GO offers a lot of value.

 The car is expected to be priced between Rs 2.5-3.5 lakh and while the attractive pricing gets you a basic entertainment system and the car provides a unique exterior design, quirky interior styling, decent space, a light steering and an efficient engine.
– Even if you’re looking for a second car in your garage, the redi-GO makes for a sweet city-runabout.

 It is THE car to take the scratches, bruises and abuse of our choked urban roads, while your primary vehicle can be saved for special occasions or maybe that weekend highway trip with the family.

All in all, at its estimated price tag, the Redigo represents good value for money and that, clubbed with the attractive looks and comfy cabin, may be all the reason some buyers would find it appealing.

Datsun Redi Go – Competition

The Datsun Redi Go, when it goes on sale here in the coming months, will face competition from the following rivals-

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