The pimp and the harlot (A Ballad )

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(Collaboration post of two bloggers )

The pimp and the harlot

(A Ballad )
This is a collaboration post by two of your fellow bloggers. 
  • Pranju chakrapani , the founder of musings of an atheist is a passionate blogger here at IB. He contributed to the pimp part of this poem and have done an incredible job. His blog – musings of an atheist is awaiting your appreciations. Do commend him for his wonderful enthusiasm and effort.
  • Shraddha singh , from the world of junksin. Presenting you our efforts on this long ballade.  I have majorly contributed to the Harlot part.
A Ballad is a poem that tells a story, which are often used in songs because of their rhyme. A ballad is a poetic story, often a love story.

This is a poem comprised of dialogues between a prostitute , the Harlot and her master , the Pimp.
Flow through the lines and see their opposite emotions , plans and views.

Will the harlot be able to convince the pimp to free her ? 
Check out :-

The pimp and the harlot

Get ready for the man in some suit

Go ahead with him and don’t be rude

Give a sly smile, oh! they like it a lot dear

Only you my love can bring those dollars near

Don’t look at me that way

Dare showing off yourself as my prey

Ever wondered why I carry that smirk

Won’t take a second to drag you down to that dirt

When he said so

I wondered in the flow

I am a toy for dark nights

Ignored and hated in daylight

They mould me from every curve

My dignity for their lust, I serve!

Those arcs, bends and curves

Meant to assuage the lonely hearts in twilight

Loved and sought in the nocturnal nights

A pain and pleasure, doesn’t it excite?

Your skin a barter for their lust

The love of many lovers, they entrust!

A dignity of work! Why, then, disgust?

Lovers , trust and pleasure

all fake in this hunt of treasure

Dignity of work comes with my prestige

That people fling like bedsheet crease

You have no idea how do i live

 Sans words of true love to receive

As i am toy for dark nights

Ignored and hated in the day light

I’ve all the idea how you live

Trust people and they deceive!

A family to feed, can you conceive?

A line of work, I know the best

Be my marionette, my patience! Don’t test.

Else find a lover whom you don’t detest

A smirk! I know you’ll remain in my hut

For who will malign his hands with your dust!

Dust ? Its all in your human brain

All false that you made and maintain

Don’t spit over the sky , Mr.Ace

With time it’ll come back to your face

Then you will malign with your own deeds

Fear the god, he’ll repay all your greed

Need and greed is the only vain

I just expect the world to empathise my pain

Don’t consider me a filthy gutter

As you bath with delight in this litter

Two little girls that I have in my den

A means to meet the end

To feed, to clothe, to teach

All I want them is to be rich

To empathise with your pain!

What would I, in return, gain

You, my love, a marionette for my bread

Just a means to meet the end.

Fear the god ! He will have no mercy 

You puppets have lost all humanity

Free me now from these chains

As nothing in my soul remains

You see ? These scars are now dateless

And both of us are now just sexy carcass

Life is much more than money

Peace , prestige and purpose , i plea

And  so i cant be a toy for dark nights

Ignored and hated in the day light.

Emotions! what is happening to me?

Empathy! why am I showing it to you?

Distress! I feel now to keep you captive

Pain! I see it,now, in your eyes

Dreams! I see it, now, in your abuses

Free! I am setting you now

Run! before I change my mind

Live! Chase your dreams and live

Acknowledged! you will be in moonlight

Love! You will find in the day light

Un-toyed! I will make sure of it

Marionette! Don’t ever be to someone

Adieu! I give it to you, my dearest one !!

We (pranju and me ) long for your reviews. Do write your feedbacks and provide us with the genuine criticism.


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