A letter from a mother to a mother !! :)

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The morning alarm rang , Aliya jumped from her bed at the first bell , which was strange enough for her to do so , and ran staright to her Mom’ s room with a handmade greeting card hiding behind herself.

 ” good morning mum “
 ” Good morning , darling !! “

” Mom , I have made this card for you “

Mom took that card without looking at her , busy packing her tiffin she kept it in her bag and said , ” Dear i will surely open it in office . Right now its already too late. You take care and dont skip meals. Okay honey ? “

” Okay mom . ” Aliya had a strange rage in her voice.
But her mom was too  busy to notice it.

She is always the same. She has everything to do except to take care of me. I think i am not a daughter to her at all. Exactly !! , yes !! I am not a daughter at all. Because daughters are kid and kids make mistakes , play games , enjoy life and cry in front of parents with their wishes. But i never did that.

Aliya went up to her room and lay on her bed. She saw the early morning sun. It looked really pretty as she has never seen it ever before , only because her days never started before 10 a.m.

She was irritated and kept murmuring , but this time it was beyond her limits of toleration. She took a paper and pen and began scribbling.
A man in a neat uniform came and said , ” maam ! There is a letter to you from aliya dear.”

” Aliya ? ” exclaimed aparna.
“Why did she wrote a letter to me ? Ok. Go. I will read it amd thanku bhaiya. Did you gave the tiffin at my home ?”

Yes came the reply and aparna opened the yellow page letter and smiled at her 8 year old  daughter’s untidy but beautiful handwriting.

” How stupid i was to make a Mothers Day card for you when you are not a mother to me at all rather you should draw that cute picture at the front page and color that red heart inside writing ‘The best mother on this earth’ and gift it to me. Because since childhood i have been a mother to you.

Remeber mum ? When you left the home early in the morning giving me a list of instruction , i followed them sincerely. You didnt even wrote it for me. Do you know how difficult it was to remember everything ? But i did. I did every day.

That school uniform , you ordered shanti aunty to dress me up in . But do you know how ashamed i am that she will see my red mickey mouse underpants ? And how much i struggled each day to put that button of the skirt to avoid shanti aunty seeing my body.

I have always been a very caring mother to you. I never irrirated you with any stupid wish , i managed the whole house alone in your absence. I attended all the phone calls and delivered all the messages to you safely.

Do you know that shanti aunty intentionally skip your clothes for washing but i never let her do that because i know you need them. I cleaned your ear rings , and charged your laptop and phone evryday because again i know that you need them. I cleaned your sandals , kept a hanky in your bag just as you keep in my pocket.

Can you even imagine how difficult it is all for me ?
I never skipped my homework because i didnt wanted to let your head down in those of my parents meetings where you always came late.

I even said no to my best friend Sneha for her birthday party as she kept it on monday at 2 p.m. because i know you wont he able to drop me there.
Mom did you even knew my best friend’s name ? I know yours. Its Mrs. Jaiswal. I even know that she was your college friend.

Though i eat pizza and noodles everyday but they dont give any taste alone mum. I loved that hidden vegetables awful burger more than any of the other thing because you evertime you gave to me you sat next to me till i finish it.

I kept the doors locked for the whole day and remained confined in those walls only because you just gave a call to me instructing the same. I never ever thought of cheating and going out though the icecream man kept yelling just below my window for almost 20 minutes every afternoon.

This – That and there is so much more that i do for you. Do you even notice mom ? I know you havent even checked my card yet .
But now i am very angry . And you are actually not a mom to me. I am a mother to you. I love you and i care too for u. But i am angry and this time it wont be over at a pizza and icecream.
There is sp much more to write but i am tired now. But i am angry and i am very angry.

Bye .”

Aparna had tears in her eyes. She was smiling at her daughter’s innocent love. She was guilty for her unknown mistakes. She was happy for having a precious daughter like her. Oh ! No!! She recalled and murmered having a cute mother like her and laughed in herself.

But a small letter in the poor handwriting of her 8 year old princess changed her plans in life. She opened a page in her dekstop and began typing. It was a resignation letter.

” Its time to be a mother to my cute mother !!” She whispered to herself smiling.


8 thoughts on “A letter from a mother to a mother !! :)

  1. such a lovely letter Shraddha…it reminded all those cute talks of my son when he was 3 year old and i was working in a bank. Felt a superb feeling reading this one…


  2. Nice to read it 🙂

    Duniya mein sirf ek hi Rishta sachcha hai wo hai Maa Ka.
    Kyoki humari Maa se humara Rishta Bhgwaan ne joda hai.
    Baaki duniya se humare sare Rishte logo ke bnaye huye hai!


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