When its my Father’s birthday !! :)

When its my Father’s birthday !! 

Fathers are role model , heroes , ideal icon and what not to their daughters.
My father is the same for me. I always cherish the moments spent with him. The best thing about these moments is that they are always composed of light , open , and comic discussions.

Whatever may be the issue , whatever be the struggle , parents not even let a wave come to your ears. They will smile for you 24×7 no matter how difficult it is from within for them.

Yesterday when it was my father’s birthday. I realised the importance  of his presence . Although i have always wanted him madly by my side in everything but this was first , when i realised that his support and love was not confined to the relationship of a father and daughter.

With my changing height , hormone , moods , and views , he always guided me to the right path but never put boundations.  Fathers always have a vast vision for their daughters thats what my father says , but that vast vision is only of his little princesses happiness.

The solution to every problem , the strength to fight any fight , the courage to withstand any storm , you can get from your father. Just once seek him for this. He will always be ready to stand in front of you for the troubles.

Such are the fathers. Yesterday when it was my fathers bday , i cant think of any special gift for him. But on his birthday he himself  he gave a special gift to all of us. In my box it was a nice green diary !! In my sisters box it was a new set of all the colors , because she loves painting.  I dont know what was in mum’s box  !! 🙂

What all he gave us was just a petty part of his unconditional and eternal love.
And that was hidden in those boxes. 


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