Doctor ban jaa BETA !! :)

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There were times of gurukuls ,then of paathshaalas ,then of small government school and now its schools all around. You wont believe only in gwalior which just have a radius of 12 km has got 300+ schools. Now even if you calculate the no. Of students ,you will surely faint.

Dont you think education has become a competition  ? May be this has to happen one day because of the growing population and limited resources. But its impact on this generation is far more hazardous.

So many institutes , so many degrees , so much of unemployment and so much of struggle to do something offbeat. Where this is all going ?

Middle class is the most affected site. They live on dreams of their child becoming a doctor or engineer or IAS. Parents would proudly boast when this happens and failures in such a case are life threatening to them !!

Everybody wants to be an IITian , or an alumni of AIIMS. They will fix it up in their minds from the very first class that one day  its gonna be same way. And only because all their lives they have not thought of any thing else , it will leave them helpless in case of failures.


On one side , the generation is moving towards something off the path but at the same time many families in INDIA (especailly middle class ) still advise their child for one more YEAR DROP to crack the medical exam .

The complete issue is debatable , one can never reach a conclusion. Everyone considers his own point of view. But still i think that the creativity and culture is dying somewhere in the  crowd of money and life’s stability. Everybody wants money , good life , relaxed sundays but when the things that you do are something that you  cherish to do and is somethings that defines you, then everyday is sunday and every moment seems relaxed and joyous.


14 thoughts on “Doctor ban jaa BETA !! :)

  1. Hmm, You quiet beautifully bring out the point that we need to space out and chill and not just be a part of rat race and society pressure. Quiet a catchy title too 🙂


  2. Agree to what you wrote maam.people will keel on doing what they actually love. My point was that students today are not running towards things which they actually love to do rather only where the mass seems to be going.

    And yeah !! Lerception and thoughts change with time so i already said its completely debatable with no ome conclusion.

    Thanku for being a part archie maam !!


  3. Remember one thing dearie – with changing times many things and people, their thought processes will change…
    People who are passionate about what they want to do, will do it irrespective of the day or time…
    Time and tide wait for no man… and those want t make it big will achieve it anyways…
    And I agree with your last point 🙂


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