” How far we can go ?”

 Hey everyone !! This time i chose a completely different topic from my usual writing and i hope you guys will like it !! 🙂

Today its all about
 ” How far we can go ?” , which simply relates to what extent people can go for achieving their targets or dreams or goals.

I bet many of us have  manier times admired those potraits of successful people and blabbered to oneself – ” How do they do this ?”
That’s completely okay ! We all do that.
But what we shouldnt do is , get this question locked up in our minds rather ask yourself that how can I do this  ??


The universal fact about successful people is that they prioritize things , which means they know what comes first , second , third and so on for them. But if you cant set standards like this then simply choose the most and the least important thing in your life.


Once you are done with this , then practice mastering your mind. Make mind your servant rather being a servant of mind. Tell him that you gonna reach your target any way. No excuse is more important than your dreams.
You have two hands , two legs , two eyes , two ears , most developed brain and a whole lot of human strength , use them ferociously for your dream.


Once  you have already begin this journey give yourself challenges , test yourself , grade yourself , play with yourself and watch out yourself crossing so many levels !!


The journey is surely never gonna be easy infact the thing we need to realise after an age is that no journey outside our cozy beds is easy. Either today or ten years later we have to fight a battle for oneself. So why not win it today inspite of procastinating and giving excuses and watch the battle becoming more complicated.
Thus on each day of your struggle dream of the time you will come through in your successful times. Dreams yourself waving that victory flag . Just imagine how  life will change after it , how cozy and flamboyant it will become.

Apart from this there may be many a ways to push you for your target. But the ever green mantra that alwats worls is your commitment to your target.

So from today ,  instead from now firstly prioritize your stuff ; set yourself a target ; rule your mind and begin the journey.

I wish you all the Happy-go-lucky life !!

Thanku for reading. 🙂



4 thoughts on “” How far we can go ?”

  1. Yeah !! True . Fate is a very important factor for each one of us . I think success is a combined result of many things.But also who gonna tell us what our fate is ? May be the fate changes every second with our efforts !! Thats just my perception sir !!Thanku for reading and leaving your genuine feedback.Do keep coming back to my site.Wishes .


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