All the world’ s a stage

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 All the world’ s a stage
 All the world’ s a stage
And the character named ME ,
has both agony and rage
Hung between real and fantacy !!

I see millions of faces
Each with a battle to fight ,
Running in dual races
Both inside and outside !!

Where this all ends ?
I feel tired of making attempts ,
But all the world’s a stage
And no character dies before age !!

I decided to play this drama game
With ample emotions and names ,
making the character perform its best
To qualify the life’s test !!

19 thoughts on “All the world’ s a stage

  1. good one. Certainly the world is a stage and we are all playing our roles differently. choice is ours: either we make spoil it by cursing ourselves in every situation or make it beautiful by living on every moment.


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